Pea Shaped Anal Plug With Pearlescent Soft Adhesive Back Court Pull Beads

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Product Parameters
SpecialLogistics: SpecialLogistics(NO)
Sharp Weapon: Sharp Weapon(N)
Electrified: Electrified(N)
Product detail

Huge Anal Dilator Can Out Strapon Big Anal Plug Gay Sex Toys Anal Masturbator Ass Plug Female Dildo Expander Big Dildo Buttplug

Product information

  • 1) Size:can use size S 100*48mm,M 120*58mm,L 150*70mm,XL 165*80mm

  • 2)Weight:S 141g,M 260g,L 433g,XL 660g

  • 3) Material: silicone

  • 4) Features: 4 specifications, soft and skin-friendly, unisex, huge size, waist waist design, prevent falling off, smooth and easy to enter, without hurting the skin.

  • 5) Packing: Secret Packaging

(Note: The size of goods due to the measurement method, measuring instruments, and so there will be a little different 
error, generally ± 2 mm error is normal, not a quality problem or size does not match the description, thank you)

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