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About Zhenduo Sex Shop

ZhenDuo brand is created by our entrepreneur Fan Zhang. Our company is based in Shanghai, China. In 2016, with the policy support and the Belt and Road initiative, our firm is growing rapidly and as of 2021, our sale has reached 100 million dollars. Along with our expansion, overseas warehouses and distribution centers have constructed in many places span from Asia, North America and Europe.

As an online e-commerce retailer, our core product category is the toy. We have updated many products, however, we have yet unleashed the full potential of sex toy market. So this year, we launched online sex toy flagship shop. 

Our mission is to make customers sexually satisfied with our products. All things listed and recorded are planned and designed in-house or sourced from various original manufacturers over the globe. Thus, price level would be lower than the industy average.

We can fully comprehend that everybody has various side interests and tastes. Our professionalists have devoted their mind to the sex toy quality. With the most attention paid to details, every sex product can be deemed as a masterpiece.

Uncover the inner desire and give you sexual pleasure is what we sought after.


shipping is free on all orders and worldwide

Do you have any questions? Simply contact us using our contact page, or email us at: zhenduosexshop@gmail.com

Maybe the customer service would give you a special discount after a nice conversation!

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