North Moon Rapid Sterilization Foaming Toy Cleaner

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  • Foaming Spray: With Its Perfectly Designed Dispenser, It Draws Out The Ideal Amount Of Solution Every Time. Unlike Traditional Bottle Designs That Are Both Dangerous And Wasteful, Foam Spray Dispensers Are Compact.
  • Best Cleaning Solution: Toy Cleaner Is An Effective Solution That Makes Aftercare A . With Just A Few Sprays, Your Toy Will Look And Feel Like New.
  • Made With The Purest And Highest Quality Ingredients, It's Not Effective, It's Very To Use. Its Mild, Non-irritating Ingredients Thoroughly Clean All Surfaces.
  • BETTER THAN SOAP AND WATER: This Premium Cleanser Is Of Parabens, And And Has A Tough Finish Yet Is Easy On The Skin.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning Has Never Been Easier. In Just Four Easy Steps, Your Toy Will Look . Just Spray Liberally With The Cleaner, Rub The Cleaning Solution In, Rinse The Toy With Lukewarm Water, And Towel Dry.

Brand: north moon
Net weight: 30ml
Shelf life: 2 years
ingredients, , effective , prolong the life of your .
It can be used for spray of adult .
Easy to use, just spray your toy and let it dry.
An tool for keeping and hygienic while entertaining.
Product contains: 1x Adult Toy Foam Cleaner