Manual Trigger Handle Penis Enhancement Vacuum Pump

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Gun style strap watch
Tie rod strap watch
New Tie rod strap watch

Easy-squeeze handle, effortless operation.

  • Precision pressure gauge, realize precise control of internal pressure.
  • Clear cylinder, excitingly voyeur-friendly.
  • TPE entrance donut, soft elastic and clingy.


The gun-shaped handle adopts a finger-holding design, making it more convenient to press. The built-in pressure gauge allows you to monitor the intensity of pressure at any time. You are able to bump out a larger load of blood into your dick (get it harder and larger) and then conquer your mate with the great tool. The quantitative penis boost is clearly displayed in front of you through the clear cylinder and the measurements marked out along the clear shell. You will be surprised what you gain. Totally manual operation allows gradual increase of sucking intensity at the pace that you love. When you are done or need a break, a release valve at the top of the handle helps to release the inner pressure immediately.

Material: ABS+ TPE
Size:11.8" in total length

Package included:
1 x Manual Penis Pumpz010.1_副本.jpg