Manual Masturbation Cup

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When you are tired of other various types of automatic masturbation cup, you may wish to return to the original, so come and try this manual masturbation cup. This toy is purely manual, you can adjust the speed and frequency according to your needs and preferences, so as to better please yourself. The entrance adopts a 3D pussy design, which is very realistic. Look at the pink labia, she is slightly open, you may be able to vaguely see her internal structure, as if waiting anxiously for your caress. Such a strong visual stimulation, making your bro to become stronger and get ready for a long time war quickly. After insert your cock, you will find that there are a lot of small soft particles in her, every one will accurately stimulate your sensitive areas. The inner sleeve is made of TPR, which is soft and non-toxic, and will not cause damage to your skin. The shell is made of ABS, it is sturdy and light, so that will not burden your game. After a fierce war, you can take out the inner sleeve and rinse it out with clean water, which is very convenient and hygienic.