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Long-term lubrication:
Features: Lubrication factor: anti-allergic,highly soluble in water to form a homogeneous paste, leaving no toxicity or accumulation of debris. Moisturizing factor: anti-allergic, delay evaporation, prevent water loss, while increasing the life of lubrication and paste. Leaving no harmful residue, without prejudice to the luminous characteristics. Suitable for different age levels dryness caused due to reduced secretion:

Effect: to improve the quality of sex life, stimulate your sex desire to increase pleasure. Especially suitable for anal sex, increase lubrication, reduce discomfort and insecurity caused by friction, improve the quality of sex life.

Specification: 1pcs/100ml

After usage and dosage: Take a little water soluble lubricant court, with an elongated injection tube 5-10 minutes applied on the anus slightly touching, not only the court extremely moist, but aslo make you out and in easily, that he (she) Lonely intolerable and want you quickly

Note: pregnant women and minors, disabled, this product is for husband and wife, the couple used, do not for other purposes, please save in a cool dry place.

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