Lock Ring 10 Frequency Adult Products For Men And Women

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★ The product has a powerful seismic motor and 10 frequency, can give you different feelings, you can choose your favorite speed to enjoy it.

★ Color indicator light, with your frequency to make different color change.

★USB charging environmental protection, easy to carry. It can be used for more than 1.5 hours after each full charge.

★ Safe and high quality material using high quality silicone material, designed for men and women to provide unparalleled experience.

★Long press the open key for 2 seconds to start, then press down to adjust vibration, 10 frequencies in total, and then press down for 2 seconds to stop.

★Each charge time is 60 minutes, Charging indicator is always on, the indicator is off when fully charged. each charge can work for 40-60 minutes continuously. When the power is low, please plug in the power supply and charge it fully before continuing to use (do not use it while charging)