Leten A380 II Masturbator Cup Vacuum Vagina Fully Automatic Telescopic Glan Stimulator

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product properties

Brand: Leten

Model: A380 II

color: White

Material: ABS, TPE, silicone

Maximum noise: ≤60dB

Vibration mode: 10 frequency vibration

Battery capacity: 2200mah lithium battery.

Charging voltage: 5V.

Fully automatic pumping speed: 330 times/min

Charging time: 2h discharge time (1 gear, 1 speed): 45 minutes or more.

Charging cable: USB magnetic charging cable.


1. Vagina wrap and love scene voice, intelligent voice, 6 sound modes, the sound can be played or connected to earphones

2. Enjoy three stages:

① The entrance looks like a complete vulva package. Plump and plump

②Fully automatic telescopic up and down in the middle of the channel

③The air deep in the channel is compressed and squeezed

3. The Q spring is flexible, delicate and smooth, with hundreds of grains, and the high-speed piston moves 330 times per minute;

4. Powerful 370 motor, precision transmission gear set, alloy slip;

5. Long-distance retraction, multi-angle hands-free design, multi-position switching;

6. Strong magnetic charging, charging at the touch of a button

7. Powerful suction cup, detachable design

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