5Pcs Vaginal Bladder Tightening Kegel Ball Exercise Weights Ben Wa Balls

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Urinary Bladder Control

Urinary Incontinence

Recovery from Childbirth

Rectal & Vaginal Prolapse

Expert in Kinesiology and Muscle Control

Enhance Pelvic Floor Strength

Tighten the Vaginal Walls

Pelvic floor exercise balls come in 5 weights

Size: 14.5cm*3.5cm*3.5cm

Easy to clean: Use clear water to clean kegel ball, and keep the vaginal smooth

Kegel balls: Give You a great deal for taking the beginner to moderate and from moderate to more challenging advanced pelvic floor workout.

Erotic Kegel Exercise Weights, Ben Wa Balls, Pelvic Floor Exercise, Self Vibration Balls inside, Medical Grade Silicone, Bladder Control Devices for Women: Beginners to Advanced

Weight: 5 kegel weights for your pelvic floor muscles exercise - 30g, 40g, 60g, 85g,110g

Superior grade Silicone and Waterproof: Designed with comfort in mind. Safe for use with water-based lubes.Soft and silky touch, and makes it easy to remove when done.

Product Color: Shades of purple ranging from violet to white.

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