Bullfighting Double Rings Vibrating Penis Ring For Couples

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Black Vibrating Type
Black Non~vibrating Type

【Vibrating Cock Ring】- Amazing the details make this one cool, a nose ring on the stylized snout and smooth horns at the top, silicone pe*nis bull head shape locking double ring. Compared with the traditional ring, this ring adds a feeler, which can accurately stimulate the clitoris or male testicles of your partner, effectively prolong ejaculation time, and enhance male erectile function.

【10 Frequency Cycle Vibration】- The cock ring has 10 different vibrating modes to meet the needs of different people, click the button to choose the modes that suit you the best; A built-in motor can drive the vibration of the two-part rings, especially those two horns with super strong vibration part that drives your partner.

【Perfect Size & Soft Silicone 】- Flexible rings for different sizes, the elastic, soft silicone makes rings suitable for different sizes, both beginners and advanced users feel comfortable, and gives you more staying power; this double ring stretches comfortably around the base of the part and helps it a pleasure.

【Magnetic Charge & Super Mute】- The vibration lock ring has a USB magnetic charging, super battery life; and can be used in the bathroom, with IPX7 100% waterproof; due to the super low sound of the motor, the penis ring vibrating is very quiet, even in the same room, can't hear it under the quilt.