Ben Wa Ball Vagina Tighten Kegel Exerciser

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dark purple


  • Best sex toy for adult.
  • Waterproof design, suitable for bathing use.
  • Smooth surface like skin touched.
  • Luxury and noble design, is women necessary.
  • High grade medical silicone material, no smell.


  • These balls are manufactured in the purest tradition of the Geishas balls,
  • They mass, stimulate and excite.
  • Their soft or intense vibrations and their surfaces exert an intimate massage of quality.
  • Geisha Lastic Balls will train your vaginal muscle and pelvic floor, and sublimate your sexual relations.


  • Diameter and weight of balls: small ball (35mm, 36g), medium ball (30mm, 52g), large ball (32mm, 63g).
  • We will write 'massage tool' and pack product with non-transparent bag to protect privacy.


  • Add some lubricant to the kegel ball.
  • Open your legs, relax your vagina, push the ball slowly into your vagina.
  • After that, you can do some exercise, like walking, swimming, doing house work, the metal ball will collide with the inner surface while you are moving.
  • Clean it before and after use with soap and warm water, then let it dry naturally in the air.
  • You can start with small ball first, then medium and large ball.
  • Suggest to use it about half an hour in the beginning every day, after one month, you can change to use larger ball.

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