3Pcs/Set ribbed constriction ring

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Never mind those cheap and flimsy erection rings that break after only a few uses, the Perfect Fit Ribbed Ring is the new standard for superior long lasting durable penis rings that won’t break. They are extremely comfortable to wear, never harsh or scratchy and made with the sensual comfort of PF Blend.

The PF Blend is a mixture of bodysafe Silicone and TPR. TPR is a synthetic bodysafe rubber that is sensual, stretchy and recyclable, ensuring that the Perfect Fit O Ring is the most comfortable on the market.

Wear it around the penis and testicles for best results. Fit one testicle through first, then the other then the penis. Erection rings help to hold the blood in the penis for harder, longer, stronger and sexier erections! A good erection ring should be part of every penis owner's sex portfolio.

The Ribbed Ring is safe with all lubricants and it's a great idea to use some lube when stretching it around your tackle. It is not compatible with latex products. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.03

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