Sex Games for Couples to Boost Relationships 1

Sex Games for Couples to Boost Relationships 1

April 16, 2024 0 Comments

Do you want to try something new with your partner? If you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, I've handpicked 40 of the best sex games for couples that you can play with your partner. Just tonight! Since I personally tried all the games, I promise you will have fun!

1. Drive ‘n Dare

There's nothing hotter than doing something wacky in public or outdoors! So, if you want to have fun outdoors, Drive 'n Dare is one of the best games! To play, just put on some lightweight clothing -- like a little black dress for her, a T-shirt and thin shorts for him -- and head out for a drive. Take turns suggesting places to stop along the way, then dare the other person to get out of the car and do something naughty!

Try going low-key and bold, like rushing into a convenience store to buy something, or walking through the woods if you live in a rural area. Put your hand in your partner's crotch on the way home and let them know what you want to do together later!

2. Monkey Sees, Monkey Do

If you're your partner and enjoy watching porn together, why not make a game about it? To play the game, ask your partner to choose some porn that really turns them on. Start watching together and let them pick the best, hottest, funniest scenes they can find. The rules are simple; you must try to act out what you see!

If you've ever watched porn and wanted to try it out in real life, this fun sex game might be your chance! Sometimes sexy positions just aren't right for the bedroom, and other times, experimenting with what you see can change the way you have sex... FOREVER! You'll never know unless you try!

3. Ask "Would you rather..."

This adult twist on a classic game can help you and your partner grow closer by exploring your most intimate desires in a fun and entertaining way. Questions range from simple to super dirty, depending on how you feel! Your partner's responses will give you lots of ideas and make your later sexy times even more fun!

Simply take turns asking each other “would you…” questions and offering two sexy options or hypothetical situations, one of which your partner has to choose. This game can be awkward at first, but it usually only takes a question or two and you'll start to feel comfortable. You can make the questions as bland or wacky as you want!

Some good warm-up questions include, "Do you prefer oral or anal sex?", and "Would you rather have sex in bed or in the kitchen?" Some more outlandish options include, "Would you rather kiss my boss or let me kiss my boss?", and "Would you rather have sex with my brother or your brother?".

4. Strip Questions

Have you ever wondered how much your partner knows about you sexually? If so, this sexy game is sure to answer that burning question! To play Strip Questions, simply ask your partner a series of sexy questions. Every time they get a question wrong, they have to take off a piece of clothing!

The harder questions you ask, the faster they'll get naked, so think of challenging questions like: "Where's the sexiest place we've ever done?", "What's my favorite blowjob position? ", and "When was the last time you made me cum?". To make the game even wilder, have your buddies hit the ball and take off a piece of clothing for every wrong question!

5. Know Your Nudity

This game is great for building tension before you start your foreplay. Lie in bed together and take turns hovering your hands over your partner's body while trying not to touch them! Your partner should be able to feel the heat of your skin if you're in close proximity. The rules are simple; anyone they accidentally meet must kiss their partner. Keep score - one point for each kiss!

6. Slowly

This fun sex game is great for bridging the gap between nudity and starting foreplay. Lie naked in bed, have your partner stand at the door, and ask them questions about yourself. For each correct answer, they can take a step forward, and for each incorrect answer, they must take a step back.

If you can't wait for your partner to be on top of you, keep the question simple, like "What's my favorite position?". To slow things down, ask more challenging questions, such as, "Which do I prefer when you're on me? Your tongue or your fingers?". This game is great for building intimacy and sparking passion; you won't be able to take your hands off them when they approach you!

7. Truth or Dare for Adults

This twist on the classic game of truth or dare is perfect for prepping for foreplay! Just take turns asking your partner if they are willing to answer questions truthfully or boldly. This is a great game to get to know your partner better sexually.

Some good questions include, "What's the sexiest scene in a movie you've ever seen?", or "Tell me about your wildest sexual fantasy." If they choose a challenge, make dares easy—such as "I Dare you to give me the sexiest striptease right now."

8. Drink or Dare

If truth or dare is too boring for you, try this version that barely touches the truth! Take turns challenging each other to do something, then give them the choice of either the challenge or a drink! You can make these bold things as sexy or wild as you want, but try to keep them short.

Examples of tame guts include, "Tell me dirty words for three minutes" or "Tell me your favorite sex position," while wilder dares would be things like, "Tell me how you like to please yourself." This game is great for getting to know each other and exploring your boundaries, so feel free to use the Dirty Game app for bolder endless suggestions!

9. Put It In Your Mouth

To really boost your desire levels, there's nothing like the age-old combination of sex and food! To play this game, just get naked, blindfold your partner, and let them spoon-feed you some tasty treats. You don't need to be blindfolded - any tie or scarf will do - and the food can be anything you want, such as ice cream, yogurt, or even a hearty dessert!

Spoons drop in many different places while your partner is blindfolded, and there's one simple rule: anything that gets splashed on you, they have to lick it off! Don't worry, you can guide their tongue to the correct position! It's a great game of building trust and you'll love letting your other half lick your body! Things go from there, I'll leave it to you...

10. Fantasy Bowl

To play this sexy game, simply write your first five fantasies on separate pieces of paper, fold them up, and place them in a bowl. Get your partner to do the same. Mix the pieces of paper, then take turns picking one out. Read the fantasy aloud, then talk about it.

Fantasy Bowl games are a non-threatening way to spark fantasies you may be too shy to explore. If you want to turn talk into action, the fantasies you share can always ignite your passion later!

11. Role Playing

Role-playing is a great way to express your fantasies while injecting an element of novelty and excitement into your relationship. A great way to start role-playing is to watch your favorite show together and casually ask out loud, "What if these two characters hook up?" This could lead to some fun petting where you and your partner pretend you are the character and act out the sex scenes you want them to have.

12. XXX Mark Position

The rules of this easy foreplay game are simple: remember specific parts of your body, then ask your partner to kiss each part of your body until they find it! This game is great for exploring lesser-known erogenous zones like the nape of the neck and inner thighs. These pleasure centers are often overlooked during foreplay and sex, so this game will help you let your partner find them on their own, and let you know exactly which areas you want them to visit!

13. Position Challenge

If you're looking for a sex game that will help you prolong your sex, look no further than Position Challenge! The goal is simple: see how many different sex positions you can arrange for one sex before one or two people reach orgasm! The more you play, the better the game will get as you try to beat previous records.

14. Mirror Game

Another great game to show your partner how and where you like to be touched is the mirroring game. Simply sit or lie down facing each other on the bed. Start touching different parts of your partner's body. The rules are simple; they have to touch the same area of your body in exactly the same way at the same time.

If your partner is really good at mimicking your movements, mirror games can feel super hot, especially when you start kissing and licking. After a while, you can switch roles and let your partner show you where they like to be touched. This game is guaranteed to help you get to know each other better and improve your foreplay and lovemaking!

15. Name the letter

If you want to spice up your foreplay and oral sex, speaking that letter is a fun way to explore your partner's body. Put your partner in bed, cover their eyes by using a tie or scarf, and choose your favorite parts of their body, such as belly, breasts or genitals. Gently start tracing a letter on their skin, keeping your movements light and provocative. If they can name the letter you're tracing, they get a point. When they get ten right, they climax and you can switch places!

To spice up this game, try tracing letters while holding an ice cube in your mouth. Wait until it thaws a bit (freeze burn isn't cool!), then use the coolness of your tongue and lips to increase your partner's lust! You can also make a difference with a hot drink and create a wonderful temperature contrast on your partner's skin. They will love it!

16. Oral Master

If you ever find yourself falling into a foreplay routine, playing the Oral Master game can definitely help! The rules are simple; set the timer on your phone for four minutes and see who can get the most blowjob positions with their partner before time runs out! Keep score and swap roles to see who has the best blowjob! This is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons with oral sex

17. Seven Minutes in Heaven

Have you ever experienced the excitement of trying to grab a quick bite before someone comes home and finds you? This game will help you rediscover the thrill of limited-time play. Find a kitchen timer (or use the timer on your phone) and set it for seven minutes. Then hop into the closet (or other suitable space) and see if you can make it fast before time runs out! This fun game can be exciting and helps build trust and intimacy between you and your partner!

18. Orgasm Contest

Orgasm Contest is all about mutual masturbation and is one of the sexiest games you can play to bring the distance between you and your partner! Since most people masturbate alone, masturbating in front of others increases vulnerability and increases intimacy. Mutual masturbation also allows you to show your partner what you like and how you like it! We used the G-spot vibrator which can quickly please each other in the orgasm contest. The head design of the 180-degree rotation is very suitable for the stimulation of different parts of the body.

To have an orgasmic contest, simply lie next to each other on the bed and start pleasing each other. Whoever reaches orgasm first is the winner and must continue to please their partner until they also orgasm. The winner can even ask for sexy treats like blowjobs next time!

19. House party

If orgasm races are about who can orgasm first, House Party turns that concept on its head. The rules are simple: no one will have an orgasm until every room in the house has been disrupted! Try to get into every room before an orgasm or two!

Plus, House Party is a great foreplay game. Just choose your favorite blowjob position, such as the classic sixty-nine, and try it in every room before orgasm.

Do you think there are only these couple sex games? Or do you feel that you have already played these and want to find something new? Our next article will cover other more interesting sex games.