How to Use Sex Toy?

How to Use Sex Toy?

March 22, 2024 0 Comments

I'm sure you've heard various compliments about how the original Zhenduo Sex Toy does its magic. However, in the process of using it, some people might affect experience it and even cause harm to the body due to improper use or lack of cleaning and maintenance.

The following will share with you the methods of using the original Vibrators in life. We hope that more and more people can get a pleasant and safe experience from it and take sex life to the next level.

How to use it?

1. After receiving the toy from adult toys online store first connect the charger to charge the rose vibrator. The bottom of the rose toy has a magnetic charging docking hole, which is aligned with the special rose charging base.

2. When charging, the indicator light will flash when charging, and the indicator light will stop flashing when the charging is finished.

3. Apply lubricating fluid to the rose's sucking mouth or the body parts that need to be stimulated to lubricate, and then hold the rose with the hand to stimulate the nipple/clitoris and other erogenous areas, either by your partner or by yourself.

4. Adjust the suction/vibration mode. It is recommended to start from the first level and slowly cycle through the 7 different modes. You can feel the bursts of rose stimulation in modes switching. Adjust it according to your own feelings by increasing or decreasing the intensity. If the rose is held by your partner, you should communicate with him/her clearly and tell him/her what frequency and strength make you more comfortable. ‍

Cleaning and maintenance

1. Play it safe: STDS can be spread through any sex toy, including the rose toy, so sharing your rose with your partner can be risky, especially if one person is using the item right after another. The rose is safe if it is adequately cleaned before being shared.

2. Waterproof performance: The original rose toy will come into contact with the liquid during use, so there is no problem with essential waterproofing, as long as it is not deliberately immersed in water for too long, it is safe for the rose itself.

3. Cleaning: After use, because there are secretions and lubricating fluid residues, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible after use. Remove the charger when cleaning the rose toy, rub it gently with your fingers while rinsing, and use warm water, and a safe cleaner made specifically for sex toys.

4. Disinfection: After cleaning, use a cotton cloth or high-quality towel to dry the water on it gently, and then use a special disinfection spray or disinfection box for sex toys.

5. Maintenance: Remember not to expose it to the sun; when storing, you can