Anal Dildos: Everything You Need To Know 4

Anal Dildos: Everything You Need To Know 4

April 12, 2024 0 Comments

Solo - The best position for solo anal
If you're entertaining yourself with an anal dildo, you can try a range of exciting, comfortable positions.

1. Sitting
A very comfortable position for hip play with a dildo is sitting on the floor, on a chair, or on a bed. Using a small mirror to give yourself a good view of the action while you get going.

2. Facing Down
If you're masturbating lying face down, you can try this position with any dildo. As you rub yourself or grind to bed, try putting your hand on your back and inserting the dildo into yourself.

3. Sideways
After taking a long shower and lubricating yourself, try lying on your side, whether it's on the floor, on the couch, or in bed. If you need support, place your head on a pillow and place another pillow above your knees. This will open up your buttocks for easy insertion of the dildo.

4. Lying Down
If you usually prefer to masturbate while lying on your back facing the ceiling, you may want to try using a dildo in this position. Try putting a pillow under your butt so you can easily reach your butt. You can also try pulling your knees to your chest for easier maneuvering.

5. Riding

Last, but by no means least, is to try riding a dildo. This works especially well if the dildo has a suction cup as you can stick it to the floor, a bathroom wall, or any other flat, smooth surface that takes your fancy. Riding offers greater movement and stimulation than any other position as you can sink down or raise yourself up as you see fit to change the angle and depth of penetration.

Co-op play - the best place to use an anal dildo with your partner
If you will be using an anal dildo with your partner, I would like to share with you five incredible positions you can use tonight...and see some exciting results!

1. Spooning

The Spoon is one of the gentlest and more relaxing sex positions and is perfect for couples who want to experiment with a dildo for butt play for the first time!

The receiving partner lies on their preferred side with their head resting on the pillow. They move their upper legs forward as their partner snuggles up behind them. Active partners begin kissing their necks while placing their upper legs between their partner's legs. After lubricating their fingers, they reach in and start stroking their partner's ass before using their favorite dildo technique!

2. The Lazy Girl

Lazy girls are basically the boss chairs for girls! Not only is it great for receiving great cunnilingus; but it also provides easy and comfortable access for women who want to try the butt game!

Have your woman sit in a sturdy chair with her feet on the seat and her legs spread. Kneel on the floor and move her feet to your thighs so she's well supported. Start kissing and nibbling her inner thighs until she squirms with anticipation, then break out your best cunnilingus moves.

While eating your woman's pussy, start stroking her ass with oiled fingers (see how here), then introduce a dildo to take her pleasure to the next level! Any chair is great, but a swivel chair can provide even more exciting action!

3. The Boss’ chair

The Boss’ chair is a crazy-hot blowjob position that is perfect for guys who want to experiment with butt play!

He gets naked and sits on a recliner in a comfortable position with his feet on the floor. She kneels between his legs and brings one of his feet up onto her thighs. She starts to go down on him and alternates between giving him a blowjob and fingering his ass. (She can even reach down and give him a rim job if she wants!). After applying enough lube, she can penetrate him with the dildo while continuing to suck his dick!

4. Gift Wrapped

The Gift Wrapped position is a facing variation of the Spoon position and is an incredibly relaxing way to experiment with dildos.

Both you and your partner lie on your sides facing each other. Ask your woman to spread her legs and ‘hop’ over so your waist is resting on her inner thighs. NOTE: Most of your weight should be on your elbows and hips, not hers! Her legs wrap around your lower back, and the two of you hug each other. While kissing and stroking each other, you can reach out and stroke her ass, stroking her ass with oiled fingers. After letting her relax, you can insert her with a lubricated anal dildo.

5. The Sixty Nine Position

The classic Sixty Nine is one of the best options for couples who want to try an anal dildo!

Lie down on the bed and let your woman straddle your face with her knees just outside your shoulders. She lowers herself onto your mouth and you start eating her pussy. While she gives you a blowjob, you can start fingering her ass with a lubed-up finger until she’s relaxed enough to accept the dildo.

If you want to try the butt game yourself, just switch the position to Sixty Nine!