6 Tricks for Foreplay: It's Hard to Resist for Her

6 Tricks for Foreplay: It's Hard to Resist for Her

March 27, 2024 0 Comments

People yearn for good sex, but just like a movie, the plot has to be twisted and turned so that it doesn't look monotonous or boring. If you want to have a wonderful sexual experience, in addition to the final intense actual combat, foreplay is even more indispensable. Exactly how should sex foreplay be carried out so that she can't stop wanting to have the next time with you? Uncover 6 must-learn sex foreplay steps and love your woman in a new way:

#1 Why is foreplay important? From a medical point of view, analyze the process of hormone secretion in the brain

To develop a relationship of trusting sex with a person, it is actually important to make the other person feel happy from the very beginning of the date. Once you put on a bad face and get along with the other party on today's date, there is a high probability that the other party will not want to have further contact with you when you get home.

Happy Beginning: Serotonin

On a good date, if you can choose a restaurant with a good atmosphere, watch a romantic movie, or enjoy an unforgettable night scene, she can make a good impression on you. At this time, when she begins to trust you, the serotonin concentration in her brain will gradually rise, and once you have given her a full sense of security, it will not be too abrupt to invite her back to the house.

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Desires Ignite: Dopamine

From the date to the time you get home, you will gradually develop some feelings for each other. Don't worry at this time, when you start to enter the world of two people, you might as well use scented candles or essential oils to add a comfortable atmosphere, which can promote the secretion of dopamine in both of your brains and make your mood more pleasant. At the same time, after obtaining her consent, stroking her appropriately and talking sweetly to her can help to soothe and stabilize her mood, and also activate her lust.

The Warming of Desire: Oxytocin

When you are touching, into a state of lust, in a beautiful atmosphere, please remember to be gentle with your woman. Don't be too rude because of your impatience, from touching to teasing. You can reach the stage of oral sex by exploring the touch of the sensitive zone, but you must control the rhythm. Once your rhythm makes her sexual desire high, the secretion of oxytocin can make it easier for her to orgasm during sex, so oxytocin is also known as the "love hormone".

Of course, it would be too rigid to follow this standardized process for every appointment. A careful arrangement like this can be done once a month, which not only makes the woman full of surprises at any time but also effectively warms up the relationship between you. And what are the foreplay steps from touching to teasing? Here are the foreplay skills that can make her want to stop!

#2 What about foreplay? 6 ways to improve your sex level

Step 1: Sweet talk + hug

Most women are listening-dominated. When you speak sweet words to her with gentle eyes and tone, not only will she be more divided towards your performance, but your warm hug will make her feel safe. When her body and mind are relieved, it is not difficult for her sexual desire to be provoked.

Step 2: Kiss from shallow to deep

When you want to start kissing her, first touch your lips with a small mouth. After a few kisses, you can start to lightly cover her lips with your lips to see how she feels about a deeper kiss. Then you can tap her lips with your tongue, like telling her that you want to enter a deep kiss, and then slowly enter her mouth after moisturizing your lips to experience the irresistible feeling of a hot kiss.

Step 3: Explore the touch of the sensitive zone

Many erotic movies will directly lead to the section of undressing underwear and touching breasts or buttocks, but a good caress should treat every foreplay as a game, and exploratory caresses can make the other party's eroticism even better. After kissing the lips, you can then kiss her ears, neck, and shoulders. The part of the hand was gently moving on her back, and at the same time, she skillfully unbuttoned her underwear first.

Then she slid across her back all the way to her waist, stroking her delicate skin with the pads of her fingers. Remember that these rhythms must be slow and gentle so that girls will not feel violated. After stroking the waist, go up to the chest, kneading on both sides can be clockwise and counterclockwise. Occasionally touching the nipple on purpose can increase her excitement. Then use your fingers to fiddle with the nipple from left to right, remembering that the rhythm should be consistent and the same.

Step 4: Teasing the clitoris to increase her wetness

When you notice her breasts start to swell or her nipples stand up, she's aroused. At this point, you can move your body down and kiss her nipples while moving your hands to her inner thighs. Slide over the labia intentionally or unintentionally, sliding up and down the labia, or you can increase the pressure by pressing your finger on the labia and rubbing it in a circular motion. Slide your fingers back and forth between the clitoris and the labia until his clitoris is engorged and erect.

Step 5: Changes in finger thrusts

At this time, she has begun to twist her body. You can press the fingers that were originally sliding against the vaginal opening, and gradually increase the pressure from the circular motion. When the vaginal opening begins to expand, fingers (or a G spot vibrator with a curvature) can also enter the vaginal opening, and the other hand can continue to caress her breasts and nipples. Then the finger (or the G spot vibrator) can be hooked up for a second or two, and the force can be maintained until it feels pressed into the upper wall of the vagina. After a period of time, you find that pressure starts to develop around the vagina, and the surrounding becomes wetter and wetter, so you can start to speed up the force, and the rhythm becomes faster to four times a second, and after a while of provocation, she can experience the pleasure of orgasm.

Step 6: Can pretend to press the vaginal opening repeatedly

After a hot tease, don't think she's wet and you're going straight ahead. Take a deep breath first, press the firm penis/dildo against the vaginal opening, remember to "hold", and don't go deeper. Then continue to kiss her gently, from the lips, neck, all the way to the nipple, she will twist her body unconsciously, releasing a deeper message! Don't act rashly at this time, continue to let her feel this unbearable pleasure. When your penis/the dildo no longer feels resistance, it means that her sensitivity has accumulated to a certain extent, then slowly enter her and start romantic sex!

#3 Foreplay is a must, and the highlight makes each other orgasm

After reading the above foreplay teaching, wanting to have hot sex with her is no longer empty talk. To master her sexual desire, you must first master her heart. When she has enough hormones in her brain, she will naturally be more willing to explore the wonder and passion of sex with you.