Water Base Anti-pain Gel Lubrication Sex Oil

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  • Strong drawing is fine in elasticity.
  • Bright and transparent, comfortable and lubricant.
  • Prolong live-making time and prevent virus infection.
  • No residues, no irritation, no side effect, safe and reliable.
  • Water-soluble, odorless, tasteless, non-greasy and non-toxic.
  • Stimulate libido, improve sensitivity and enhance pleasure sensation.
  • Enhance lubrication and elasticity of vagina for reducing rubs or pains.
  • Suitable for whole body massaging or lubricating and moistening vagina, penis and anus.

100% Brand New, high quality!
Material: Water, glycerine, hyaluronic acid
Capacity: 30ml,100ml

Note: Avoid contact with open flames.

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