Pleasure Promoting Liquid Body Lubricating Liquid Oil

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  • How to use it?

1、3-5 minutes before sex, press the appropriate amount (about 2g) applied to the clitoris and vulva, massage gently to absorb;

2、Used together, the effect is better, men can press the appropriate amount (about 2g) evenly applied to the penis, or wear a condom after the smear, thereby increasing the product and the vaginal contact surface, enhance pleasure;

3、After the completion of sex, rinse with water can be.

  • Tips:

1、the product effect will be different due to individual constitution, the data show that this product is valid for 93% of women;

2、there is inflammation that is forbidden to use;

3、pregnant women must be used under the guidance of a doctor;

4、if you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using and wash with water.

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