Otouch Masturbator Sleeve Heating & Sterilization Rod

The Auto Heating Rod is designed to be compatible with various types of OTOUCH masturbators, offering a warming function and a fungicidal sterilizing effect.

Its design focuses on providing a convenient experience for users by simply inserting it into the masturbator chamber and connecting it to a power supply via a USB interface.

The primary function of this heating rod is ultraviolet warming and sterilization, which has been proven to be effective and safe.

When powered on, the UV lamp and heating holder work simultaneously, automatically powering off when the masturbator reaches a maximum temperature of 55±5℃, and turning on again when the temperature drops to 50±5℃.

With the heating rod, you no longer need to worry about hygiene issues or a lackluster experience. (It is compatible with OTOUCH masturbators such as Airturn 3, Inscup 1, Inscup 2, Decor 2, and more.)