Otouch Decor 2 UV Sterilization Heating Masturbator

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The Otouch Decor 2 is a luxurious male masturbator with a sanitizing UV lamp and warming rod. The heated case warms the sleeve to the perfect temperature for a realistic sensation. To prevent overheating, the gentle heating element will turn off at 55±5 . Engulf yourself in walls of °C textured arousal.

You have 3 optional TPE manual masturabtors, each them features different studs and ridges. Always wash TPE masturbator sleeve with gentle soap and water before and after each use and store in a secure place out of direct sunlight. If product becomes tacky, dust with renewal powder.

Product Features

1. Power-off protection: To avoid high-temperature damage, the device will automatically power off when the masturbator warms up to 55+5 C.

2. USB Power Cable: Compact design with USB power cable. You can warm up your masturbator anywhere.

Technical Parameters

Material: ABS/PC/TPE

Working voltage: 5V/2A

Note: The UV sterilization heating holder is not waterproof.

Function Description

The UV lamp and heating holder work concurrently when powered on and will automatically power off when the masturbator warms up to a max of 55+5°C and then will work again when the temperature drops to 50+5°C.

Instructions for use

1. Put some water-based lubricant on the inside of the masturbator, and slide the masturbator over the heating holder.

2. Plug the USB cable into your laptop or AC adapter.

3. It is recommended not to heat for more than 2 hours.

4. Automatic heating at low temperature.

After UingCleaning Steps

1. After washing the penis sleeve, please wipe off the water with a towel, and dry it naturally.

2. Put the sterilized masturbator on the heating holder, and then cover the protective case.

Packing List

1 x TPE Masturbator

1 x UV Sterilization Heating Holder

1 x Instructions