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TYPE: Internal/External - rechargeable
FUNCTION: Five speeds and five patterns of vibration. The speed of the patterns can be altered.

It is such a pleasure to stock this superior, vibrating erection ring from UK company, Je Joue. Supremely comfortable with maximum stretch and durability, this is one of the best of its kind.

How to use : Stretch the super smooth and soft Mio around the base of the penis, or around both the penis and testicles. You can put it on when you are either semi or fully erect and we recommend using water-based lube for extra comfort.

During couples play, the vibrating component of the toy sitting on top of the penis gives external stimulation to the partner.

During solo play, the ring can be stretched around the testicles with the vibrating component facing downwards so it is pressing into the perineum. Sit on the toy and enjoy the vibrations shooting up into the external pressure point for the prostate. This will make for an extended orgasm like no other.

How it Works : An erection ring helps to keep the blood in the penis for better, stronger, firmer erections that are more long lasting. A potential win-win for everyone.

The five speeds will rock the world of both the wearer and their partner, transmitting delicious vibrations to both. Mio is a superb couples toy and very handy to use in a variety of positions, in the shower or spa or even around a dildo to turn it into a throbbing unit of pleasure.

Creative Tips

There are 2 options according to your experience level:
Beginner: Stretching Mio and sliding it down at the base of the penis, you can position the vibrating section upwards (toward the stomach) to stimulate her clitoris or downwards, when used in doggy-style, for enhancing his pleasure (the vibrations will stimulate the scrotum)

Advanced: Before the erection, place Mio at the base of the penis including the testicles, wearing a ring around the whole area makes him harder for longer by constricting a higher blood flow in the genital area. The erection is firmer than in the first option and the sensations around the scrotum and the perineum are a great addition to the overall experience.

Mio can also be placed at base of two fingers during foreplay for a more subtle, vibrating caress all over the body.


Material: Body-safe silicone
Power type: USB rechargeable
5 Speeds 7 Patterns

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