60ml Warming Lubricants Pleasure Lubricants Water Based Oral Sex Anal Vaginal Lubricant

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Bright And Transparent, Comfortable And Lubricant.
Prolong Live-Making Time And Prevent Virus Infection.
Water-Based Lubricant Fluid, After Use Easy To Clean With Water.
Stimulate Libido, Improve Sensitivity And Enhance Pleasure Sensation.
Enhance Lubrication And Elasticity Of Vagina For Reducing Rubs Or Pains.
No Residues, Non-Greasy, No Irritation, No Side Effect, Safe And Reliable.
Suitable For Whole Body Massaging Or Lubricating And Moistening Vagina And Anus.

Type: Ice/Warm Feeling (Optional)
Ingredient: Water, Aloe Lubrication Factor, Etc
Net: 60Ml
Color: Show As Pictures

Package Include:
1 * Sexy Lubrication

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