Why My Husband Refused to Have Sex After Giving Birth

Why My Husband Refused to Have Sex After Giving Birth

March 27, 2024 0 Comments

According to data surveys, about 53% of postpartum women will experience low libido, most of which are related to postpartum women’s hormone secretion disorders, postpartum body changes anxiety, and day and night care for children. Fatigue is related to factors.

Compared with women's postpartum sexual desire problems, men also experience sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence or ED), premature ejaculation, and decreased libido.

What are the causes of postpartum impotence in men?

First: the frequency of sexual activity decreases during pregnancy, and the male penis has the effect of "advance with use and moving back with obsolescence", which makes it difficult to recover quickly after childbirth.

Second: As first-time fathers, men need to take on more responsibilities and pressures, balance work and life, and difficult to raise their libido.

Third: After giving birth, the woman's body shape may change, the vagina may get stretched out, and some men even see some bloody scenes when accompanying their wives to give birth, which causes shadows in their hearts and prevents their penis from being firm.

How to improve the quality of sex life after giving birth?

In fact, after childbirth, it is one of the most prone to conflicts between couples, and honesty and sincere communication are the keys to solving the problem:

1. From the perspective of men, if the problem of penile erectile dysfunction persists, consult an andrologist as soon as possible, complete erectile function recovery exercises, and take sildenafil.

Sildenafil treats erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation, which can effectively improve penile stiffness and help achieve a satisfying couple's sex life.

During this period, men can help their wives take care of children as much as possible, and do some housework as much as they can to help their wives relieve stress.

2. Wives should learn to adjust their mentality after giving birth. The relationship between husband and wife is as important as the parent-child relationship. Don't forget your husband when you have children;

At the same time, kegel exercises with ben wa balls should be started as soon as possible after childbirth to avoid the relaxation of private parts, and attention should be paid to the recovery of personal energy and maintaining unique vitality.


A harmonious life after childbirth requires the cooperation and communication of both husband and wife.

Of course, if you realize that your best efforts are still irreversible, you must also remember no matter who you are pregnant or have children with, no matter who you are married to, and no matter what the objective conditions are, every woman should not lose the ability to love herself.