What is the Difference Between Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasms?

What is the Difference Between Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasms?

March 27, 2024 0 Comments

Clitoral orgasm

The clitoris can provide intense pleasure during intercourse to the owner of the clitoris. The clitoris is located on the upper part of the labia minora and is a small protrusion of 1 - 3cm, normally more than half should be exposed and provide sexual pleasure to the owner. In fact, exposing the clitoris also exposes the glans.

Most clitoral owners experience clitoral orgasms earlier than vaginal orgasms, and as they mature, especially after intercourse, they shift the focus of their orgasmic response from the clitoris to the vagina. Some people fail at this transfer or don't experience as much of a vaginal orgasm as they do, and more of a clitoral orgasm.

So clitoral stimulation plays a vital role in the orgasm process of clitoral owners. When they masturbate or receive clitoral stimulation from their partners, they can often achieve orgasm, and the orgasm achieved by sexual intercourse is more intense.

Vaginal orgasm

An orgasm from vaginal stimulation is the same as a clitoral orgasm, but more mature. Researchers have found that once the front wall 4-6 cm away from the vaginal opening is stimulated, the surrounding area will swell, and when the orgasm is reached, the liquid will be ejected from the vaginal opening, which is the so-called "love liquid".

Clit-vaginal mixed orgasm

Hybrid orgasms are somewhere in between.

Why do clitoral and vaginal orgasms feel different?

The answer is simple, the stimuli you receive are different. A clitoral orgasm is often initiated by the partner or the clitoral owner themselves (with fingers, tongue, or sex toys) solely targeting the clitoris. A vaginal orgasm is often triggered by a large area of skin contact with the partner's body or stimulation of the vagina by sex toys. During the process, there will be a feeling of body collision, and the movement of the vaginal wall will also involve the clitoris. Vaginal stimulation comes in various ways, and the orgasmic response is accompanied by the continuation of the other stimuli mentioned above, so it must feel very different to the owner of the vagina. There is also an essential difference between the "vaginal orgasm" caused by masturbating with a "dildo", and the "vaginal orgasm" caused by using a sex toy with the function of vaginal toys and clitoral toys, and the orgasm vaginal intercourse between partners.