What Do You Need to Know Before You Get a Sex Toy?

What Do You Need to Know Before You Get a Sex Toy?

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

Sometimes using a sex toy can not only make your toes curl but also enhance the relationship between couples.
When choosing and using those sexy toys, these tips can be paid attention to.

1. Different toys need to use different lubricants

It is best to use lube when using sex toys so that the experience will be better.

Although silicone toys are anti-allergic and harmless to the body, when using silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys, the toy can be deformed, damaged, or even dissolved! As for water-based lubricants, they can be used on toys of any material.

2. Vibrator ≠ Dildo

And vibrators are further subdivided into an external massage (such as stimulation of nipples and clitoris), as well as vaginal and internal massage, and some even can do a dual-purpose massage!

As for the dildo, it focuses more on the pleasure of internal thrusting. Although many dildos now have a vibration function, their massage effect is relatively limited compared to the different vibrators.

Therefore, the choice of toys mainly depends on what kind of pleasure you want: numb stimulation, or wet thrusting.

3. Read the instructions carefully

Different products have different characteristics and target different groups of people. My friend bought a vibrator and used it to massage her lumbar spine. Soon, she came to complain to me, that the massage ball is too small, why can it be bigger?

Therefore, read the instructions and use them correctly, so you don't miss any reminders about improving your toy experience.

4. You have to give your toys a little more chance

Just like when you are just getting started with sex toys, maybe you are afraid of a new toy that will enter your body at first, relax and feel more, and then you can experience the pleasure brought by the toy smoothly.

If you buy a toy that you think is difficult to control or not working for you, you just need to give the toy more time to adapt or extend different ways of playing.

5. Explore them with a partner

In the sex life between couples, if both you can maintain an accepting attitude towards toys, it is a good start to take your sex life to the next level. As the two explore toys together, they will learn more about each other's bodies, sensitivities, and sexual fantasies! If your partner is more resistant to using toys, you don't have to force or blame her/him, you may also prepare a toy that suits her/him, and let her/him take the initiative to let go of the prejudice towards sex toys and start a journey of exploration that is exciting with you.

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