Ways to Prepare Your Body for Sex

Ways to Prepare Your Body for Sex

April 12, 2024 0 Comments


Boosting testosterone is not a myth. Whether it's playing some sports, going to the gym, watching a football game, or doing something you think is masculine. Whatever works for you - the more testosterone you have in your blood, the better your sex life will be.

Different Strokes

Take on new variants, which you might consider a "basic" position for missionaries.

"The change in missionary position provides close physical contact, allowing men to basically control the speed and other elements of sexual contact, as well as fairly deep penetration," said Good Vibrations' Dr. Carol Queen, a staff sexologist. “The depth is definitely a plus for some guys, the missionary gets deeper when his partner’s legs are on his arms or shoulders. But the most nerve endings on the penis are in the coronal ridges Around, colloquially known as a chicken head; more stress or tension is a good idea for this stimulation. Try the missionary variant where his partner crosses his legs for added stress.” At the same time, the cock ring can be used to promote the erection of the penis and prolong the ejaculation time.

Take It Easy

Believe it or not, just slow down and sex will be more magical for you. Enhance your orgasm by allowing yourself to get to the edge, slow down and pause, and start over. Don't forget to breathe. When we are about to orgasm, our natural breathing will speed up. By allowing yourself to slow down and simply breathe, you will control your orgasm. This will eventually make it stronger.

The above three steps seem to be simple preparations, and if you stick to them, sex will become smoother.