Top 5 high-reputation female sex toys. Which one do you pick?

Top 5 high-reputation female sex toys. Which one do you pick?

October 07, 2021 0 Comments

Say some words at the forefront

Are all bad women using sex toys? nonexistent! My sister graduated from paper university for 3 years and worked in the IT industry. Emmm~~The things about posting and writing sex toys are purely amateur xing~ hobbies. If the enthusiasm is high and the response is good, more scientific and systematic science will be carried out in the future, and I hope to produce an original series! If the response is mediocre, stop here, and then we will forget about each other. (don't ah~~~!) my new measured 5 high-reputation adult female sex toys. Miss sister, which one do you pick?

Come if you like it, and there is no charge for onlookers. It’s best to just click a thumbs up and receive a reward, but let me feel the great encouragement from you all! I have tested 5 high-reputation women sex toys. Which one do you pick?

Of course, in the comment area, you can ask questions and answer insane and crazy hooks. Pinching or fighting each other, please feel free to please everyone if you are happy. Whether passers-by, acquaintances, strangers, confidants or pao friends, all of them are pleasing to the eye. If you have any sex toys or related professional questions you need to ask, please comment at any time, and I will try my best to reply when I see it.

Um! I wish all of you with good intentions a happy life! mwah!


As an online shopping product recommendation website, some bloggers' original article does not have much content related to sex toys, and there are fewer unboxing/evaluation of women’s products. Don't all the young ladies now look down on straight men, want equality between men and women, and like to sit up and do things on their own? Why is this wave of operations far behind? I have tested 7 high-reputation adult sex toys. Which one do you pick?

I know that those of you who clicked on this article must not come to see me showing off my clever words. If there is no real dry goods, you will definitely spray me in the comments. Well, don't talk nonsense, just deliver dry goods.


1. Iroha

When it comes to Iroha, most babies are not familiar with it. Relatively speaking, Tenga is more well-known. Actually Tenga and Iroha belong to the same company. Japan's TENGA Co., Ltd. has a male brand TENGA and a female brand iroha. This brand not only focuses on functionality, but is also very particular about design.

Iroha's shape design is very in line with the taste of soft sister paper, it is invincible that the girl's heart burst! Iroha is also one of Xiaomengxin's most porridge brands. This time I will bring you three series of product introductions, allowing you to unlock three new poses at once, hehe!

Iroha Classic Series

The Iroha classic series is one of my most favorite series. There are three styles in this series, the green flowers meet the birds, the white snowman, and the pink cherry blossoms. This zhenduo sex team has all been collected~!  The difference between different colors will be introduced later. Let's take a look at the official map first!

how? Is it super soft and cute? The pink macaron color and cute shape are totally different from what we (should be you haha) impressions? Looks more like Japanese Daifuku, right? emmm~~~ When I took photos for the first time for the plastic sisters, she exclaimed: Wow! I really want to take a bite! Click!

    The body - waterproof design, so it can be washed directly with water, and maintenance is very simple.

    Operation method - There are two buttons on the back of iroha, long press + to start, long press-to close. 484 is very simple! !

    Vibration intensity - there are four levels of intensity adjustable. Three of them vibrated continuously, and the other one was intermittent.

    Charging - Iroha storage is very simple, the storage box itself has a charging function, as long as it is placed on the base, it can be charged! Wireless charging!

The following is the real shot of it. Because the hand-modeled lady with beautiful hands is on a business trip, I invited the other two young ladies to appear temporarily. You must be wondering why I can find so many young ladies to take pictures, hehe, in fact, everyone's acceptance of sex toys is really higher than expected! What's more, it's still such a cute thing. (#^.^#)

Let's introduce the characteristics of these three cute things one by one~~

The official name is "Flowers See Birds"- a little green with a small round head, whose main function is to caress~~

(That’s right, the background is in Xiaomeng’s new sexy lingerie. If you are interested, I can write about my sexy lingerie in the next original article! All kinds of styles and colors, please tell me in the comments you want to see Me!)

The official name is "Snowman" - pure white snowman shape~ In addition to vibrating and caressing, this one can also be used by inserting the front part.


The official name is "Hina Sakura"- the pink V-shaped small notch, which can be used as a bifurcated two-part double-clamp. As for the specific double-teaming, emmm, this depends on personal preference hahaha.

(I don’t know why, the micro-single really can’t take the beauty of the small fan, the real thing is really 10 times more matte than the photo!)


To sum up, these three iroha classic female massagers have different shapes and different additional small functions~~ It is especially worth mentioning that the three products of the classic series of Iroha have a very quiet design. According to my new pro-test, the vibration sound is the smallest among similar products. This also means that it is less likely to be found when used in relatively less private environments (such as dormitories/meeting rooms/washrooms during lunch breaks). Ho Ho Ho Ho~~~ In general, these three girls are suitable for entry-level girls!


2. Lelo SONA

Lelo is a Swedish brand and has a reputation as a luxury in the sex industry. The product design is very textured. One of the most classic series is SONA.

I bought a red high-end version. (The difference between the high version and the classic version will be discussed later). SONA is also my very, very favorite one. Compared with the iroha classic series, SONA is stronger. I wanted to take photos of my new photos, but because there are projects to be delivered recently, I really don’t have time to take photos. So I asked the enthusiastic young ladies in the group for two photos.

The young ladies around me all praised SONA. Mainly because of the good design and tall appearance (the workmanship is really biangbiang)! right! Lelo Sona can be used in the bath! Then, just now, the difference between the high-end version and the standard version is that the high-end version has a cruise control function (hahahaha, I also think this function sounds a bit funny), that is, when you press sona strongly against your body, it The motivation will not be reduced! Sona's mission must be fulfilled! ! !


3. Lelo Luna

Lelo's luna ball is divided into three styles, namely classic style, mini style, and rear court style. What i bought is a mini model~!

In fact, Luna balls can help us exercise our pelvic muscles very effectively. If you don't use a luna ball, you can also use "Kegel exercises" to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. (In the future, i can try to write a special science article on pelvic floor muscle exercise.) In addition, postpartum hemp, exercise pelvic floor muscle is very beneficial!

After experience, this Luna ball allows us to exercise pelvic floor muscles at any time in our daily lives. Needless to say, the material and workmanship of the luna ball itself, after all, Lelo itself is a symbol of quality!


4. Patto

CHina products should be self-improvement, yeah hey~! I have introduced Dongdong from Japan and Sweden, let’s introduce this domestically produced little cute thing.


This cute carrot is not only cute in appearance, but its biggest highlight is that you can play with blue pot friends in different places! Realize remote operation through APP. Your male ticket can control your radish, is it hin novelty? When people are busy at work, they usually date on weekends. In the evening on weekdays, we will use the remote function of this little carrot to achieve shame interaction!

In addition to remote functions, it also has a health monitoring function. According to the official introduction, it has multiple high-precision sensors that can intelligently predict potential disease risks. But just listen to these "black technologies"! Buying a sex toy, who would expect it to be called a family smart doctor! Right, right! Ha ha!


5. MyToys

The German Kiss soft tongue, I called it "little lick". Known as a German brand.

emmm.... In fact, this thing is really hard to say in one word. Come! Go directly to the picture! Let's first come to an animated picture for you to feel!


This little lick is a gift given to me by a male ticket. I just opened the package and laughed. The male vote looked aggrieved: This is obviously cute! Then I squeezed a smile and took pictures for my little sister. The well-informed little sister was also amazed. I love matte and I want to experience it! ( Whose aesthetic has the problem!)

Let me talk about the actual measurement experience. I think the body material of this thing is not obviously inferior to iroha and Lola. The blue queen has a different rotation mode frequency.


Alright! The boyfriend is calling me!

Thank you all for joining us! I hope we can bring you some different experiences through her own sharing! The adult world, perhaps, is more interesting than you think!

I hope that every one of you, single or not, can live a happy life through these little cute things!

Let’s have a small event at last! In the comments, leave a adult product that you are most interested in in this article, and it is the most popular. Next time, write a detailed real-life measurement, OK? Let’s comment!