Sex Games for Couples to Boost Relationships 2

Sex Games for Couples to Boost Relationships 2

April 12, 2024 0 Comments

1. Play Talk, Flirt or Dare

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If you're on a first date, or in the early stages of a relationship where you're just getting to know each other, Talk, Flirt, Dare is one of the best sex games you can play! Choose the level of closeness in your game by picking Talk, Flirt or Dare cards! The questions this cheeky game asks are all for fun, more interesting than outright sexual, and great for building trust in your relationship!


2. Come Hither Cards

To play Come Hither Cards, all you need is a regular deck of playing cards. Before starting, assign a particular action to each suit. For example, diamonds=stroking, hearts=kissing, spades=oral stimulation, clubs=manual. The number on each card represents the number of seconds the action must last.

When playing, have your partner draw a card, read the suit and number aloud, then tell them you want them to act! For example, if they draw a 5 of hearts and you want them to touch your breasts, say, "Kiss my breasts for five seconds." Then enjoy!

When you choose your moves and positions, you can make this game shine however you want! If stroking, kissing, manual stimulation and blowjobs are too tame, you can turn the game into slapping, whipping, choking and whatever you like!

3. Luminous Fun Dice For Sexy Game

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If poker isn't your thing, one of the best ways to unwind is to play some sexy dice! Sexy dice usually come in pairs—one dice has six faces, each with pictures of different body parts, while the other has six sexy moves. Buy a pair of sexy dice from a sex store or online, and start rolling to find out what to do and where to go!

If you're feeling creative and you have two empty square boxes handy, you can make your own. Just write or draw six moves and six body parts on post-it notes, stick them to the sides of the box, and get rolling!

If you're looking for the best sex dice on the market, I personally recommend the Luminous Fun Dice For Sexy Game. One for foreplay, one for blowjob position. This gives you a wide range of possibilities as you can roll the dice individually, in pairs or together (if you prefer)!

4. Bedroom Battle Card Game

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If you prefer taking a card-based approach to your carnal capers, the bedroom battle card game is a strategic sex game for couples (of any gender) where you play to win rewards in the form of sexy challenges. Each round you use battle cards to compete for reward cards containing three challenges to choose from, and then act out. The player who collects the most reward cards during the game wins, and gets to select a reward that is designed to bring both players to climax.

It is your decision to decide which sexy challenges to enjoy! The game offers a wide range of sexy scenarios such as tying up your partner during foreplay or using a vibrator on them during sex, so you’ll never get bored!

5. Red Hot Retail Therapy

Go to a sex shop, a lingerie store, or just shop online - let your partner pick out something they'd love to see you wear. When it arrives, it's fun to watch them draw drop when you walk out in their fantastic outfits!

7. Tear It Up

If you've ever fantasized about wild, corset-ripping sex, only to change your mind while tearing your own clothes, then this game is for you! Buy some super cheap clothes online, then let your partner know they can destroy them if they want.

6. Toy Time Tease

While Red Hot Retail Therapy is all about fulfilling your partner's wildest fantasies, Toy Time Tease allows you to turn that around and surprise them with the toy of your dreams! Just visit a sex store or buy online that sex toy (or some sex toys) you've been meaning to try. It could be a new vibrator, clit vibrator, whip or butt plug or something weirder. Try buying it without your partner knowing, then tell them about this new game you want to play.

Put your partner on the bed and cover their eyes. Let them know you have a special surprise and they will have to guess what it is. Tell them they have 3 guesses, and if they guess right, you'll let them orgasm the way they choose! Gently tease them with the toy and let them guess what it is! If you purchased more than one item, ask your partner to guess before moving on to the next item. It's a hyper-sensual way to explore new things and broaden your sexual horizons together!

8. Bondage Game

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If you've ever wanted to explore bondage games but weren't sure where to start, The-rosetoy's bondage game will take you by storm! The game comes with a 10 PCS set, giving you seemingly endless options!

To play, simply blindfold your partner and tie them up using the included restraint straps. With a whole set of ideas, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what makes your partner tick and see exactly what makes them love it!

9. Do As I Say

If you want more freedom while exploring your BDSM fantasies, then this game is for you! Blindfold your partner and tie their arms to a chair, then turn your living room or bedroom into a get-up dungeon with some wacky arm restraints. Instruct them to do or say the sexiest thing you can imagine, like "Talk dirty words to me for a minute!" or "Lick my tits." If they don't obey or meet your expectations, scratch them like crazy with a feather duster or tickler!

10. The Great Escape

If you’ve ever fantasized about being all tied up (or tying your partner up). Using a special bed restraint kit, tie your partner to the bed while they play resist. The sight of seeing your other half trying to escape will make super turned on, especially if you pleasure yourself, or them, while they are struggling. You can swap roles if you want! This kinky game can make you really horny and get ready for some seriously wild sex!


Sex games are the perfect way to form a deeper bond with your other half, ignite that sexy spark and gain confidence!

Have fun!