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Otouch Airturn 3 Auto Masturbator Review

June 16, 2022 0 Comments

Otouch Airturn 3 Auto Masturbator Review

I've not seen alot of reviews about the Otouch Airturns so i think it's necessary to take up the responsibility and do one! -I'm not paid by anyone but I do wish I was.

The Otouch AIRTURN 3 Masturbator is electric powered. Comfortable to hold and features a fully silicone exterior. The removable soft silicone penis sleeve has studs and ridges providing extra stimulation for your cock.


Model type: airturn 3 Lisa (vaginal) or anal
Material: silicone + tpr + abs
Function: 6 Vibrations( each with 3 intensities) + 3 Suctions
Waterproof level: IPX6
Size: 240*120*260mm
Insertable size: 114mm (stretchable)
Vibration: 6 frequency modes, 3 intensities
Max noise: 60db
Use time: around 60min
  1. Design

The device is a bit larger than I thought, however the internal sleeve is pretty small, probably it's made for Asians, lol... I'm 6 inches and it doesn't fully reach the end. However this kind of makes sense as it's designed more to stimulate the tip like a normal blowjob. There are some bumps inside the fleshlight as you would expect for some stimulation.

The design of the body is very minimal, like there's literally nothing on it besides the joystick and some logos. It has a clean black colour throughout the whole body. And I personally like that. Honestly if you were to leave it on a shelf it could be mistaken for some portable vacuum cleaner.

The material is just acceptable.it's safe and easy to wash whatsoever.

2. Feel

I really wasn't expecting much from this device as many people have complained about it. Boy I am so happy to be wrong. The sucking function is really amazing. Combined with the vibration I orgasmed really fucking quick. The sucking function sounds boring but it is very not true. It's not just some generic suck and release thing. It actually has a weird pattern to it which is really cool.

The vibration is in a good intense but I personally like it this way. I'm uncircimsized so my penis head is quite sensitive. Some previous devices I've used vibrated to strongly and kinda hurt me. But I understand most people would prefer a strong vibration so I'll add this to the cons. You can choose to stroke it like a fleshlight or just relax and lie down. The sucking function manages to let it go up and down on its own on its own.

Compared to a real blowjob, ofc no one in their right mind would say it's the same. However It really does feel like someone is deepthroating you because of the suction. It's just a real mouth has a tongue and teeth so yea these are what's lacking. And throats cannot vibrate lmao. I don't give a crap about realism tho. What's important is that it felt very good. And what makes us happy is feeling good, not comparing a toy to the real thing !

3. Sound

Surprisingly the sound was very minimal even with the sucking and vibration on. Ofc you'd still need to play some music in the background to be safe but you won't have to blast it. This is a big factor because I'm aware auto strokers can be fuckin loud. Especially the chinese strokers which sound like an actual factory machine.

4. Quick cons

- No heating function like the Airturn 2

-You can't replace the sleeve with another fleshlight because it would be too big

- tight sleeve, not good for extra large penis.

5. Pros

1. fantastic suction function and vibration

2. hard shells

3. cheap price

4. low noise

5. 2 versions available: vagina or anal

Here is the airturn3 introduction video: