Guide to Electrosex & Electro Sex Toys for beginners

Guide to Electrosex & Electro Sex Toys for beginners

December 20, 2022 0 Comments


If you have been curious about Electro Sex or electrostimulation or e-stim, then we have some good news for you! The following article will cover absolutely all your doubts and conceptions about it. To get started, let us begin with what is electrosex all about.

Electrosex, also known as erotic electrostimulation or electrostim, refers to the use of electrical stimulation to stimulate the genitals or other sensitive areas of the body for sexual pleasure. It involves the use of specialized devices that deliver electric current to the body through electrodes placed on the skin.

There are several types of electrosex devices available, including:

  • TENS units: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation units are often used in physical therapy to stimulate muscles and relieve pain. They can also be used for electrosex, as they allow for adjustable intensity and frequency of the electrical stimulation.

  • E-stim units: These units are specifically designed for electrosex and offer a wider range of settings and patterns for the electrical stimulation. They may also come with a variety of attachments, such as pads or probes, for different types of stimulation.

  • Violet wands: These devices use high voltage, low current electricity to create a spark and a tingling sensation on the skin. They are often used for sensation play and can be paired with attachments for more targeted stimulation.

It's important to note that electrosex should be approached with caution and proper safety measures should be taken. It is recommended to start with a lower intensity setting and gradually increase the intensity as desired. It is also important to use a water-based lubricant to reduce skin irritation and to avoid placing the electrodes over the heart or on broken or inflamed skin.

It is also recommended to do research and read instructions thoroughly before attempting electrosex, and to communicate with your partner about boundaries and limits.

As the electrosex involves actual power, research suggests that anything that has anything to do with electric power source can become a cause for heart arrhythmias and serious burns - so be cautious about it as much as possible, before you begin to apply it.  However, whenever used in a pretty safe and appropriate way with the right methods, these devices are super safe to use with little potential for harm at all and more pleasure and fun.

However, if you are about to use it for excessive stimulation on yourself or your partner, the chances are you might experience a bit of pain, discomfort, cramping, or any other muscular pain or neurological disorders.

What does electrosex or electrostimulation feel like?
Electrosex is when you finally decide to move beyond the boundaries of costumes, role play, lubes, toys and move on to something entirely new! You are now adding electricity to your pleasure - for real! Let’s talk about how the electricity mixed with pleasures actually feels.

The sensation of electrosex is quite shivering with a tingly tickle, it’s a lot different from that of a vibrator or any other everyday sex toy that you use as well. Just like our human nervous system operates by those tiny electrical signals in our body, these electrosex toys tap into the natural biological system by stimulating the nerves that are already running throughout your body. They simply trigger the powerful sensory outputs by putting the charge into a discharge, of course!

It seems quirky at first glance, however in the beginning the electrostimulation was only limited to a certain set of people who enjoyed it, however power is always a turn on! The world is moving ahead is so is the world of sex which is helping even the basic vanilla couples to get on these wild gestures into their daily routine. According to research, the sales of electrosex toys have increased by 70% in 2018 recently. Electro-sex is a quite unique form of stimulation these days and it is nothing like what you have previously experienced.

Digging into experience a bit more.. electrostimulating stimulates the nerve endings so deeply that it provides a deeper and quite satisfying experience with multiple sensations as your muscles can involuntarily clench too. Sounds amazing, no? Some products are exceptionally advanced that you can even achieve hands-free orgasms easily as the internal stimulation will do half the work for you and won’t really have to worry about the usage of your hands. The use of electrosex toys is not limited to a specific group or anyone else, as long as you are equipped with the right directions, anyone can use it!

What are the types of electrostimulation?
The stimulation via the electrosex toys is classified into three sets of categories such as, Pulse Type Stimulation: In the pulse based stimulation, a device is created for stimulating the body. Such as devices like EMS and TENS with also a  few other devices for the erotic purposes as well. These devices are designed in a way that they lightly deliver electric waves into a pulse form and safely deliver them to your muscles and your nerves, it is one of the lightest and quite safest forms of electrosex.

Electrostatic Stimulation: In electrostatic stimulation, there are a variety of high voltage devices that are used to create a spark that can be made to simply jump to the body. This small amount of superheated air is both very hot and contains a large amount of ozone, which is very reactive and can damage human tissues. Most of these devices also provide strong ultraviolet light for great and maximum pleasure in bed.

AC/DC Type Stimulation: Plenty of devices come into this category as well such as cattle prods, batteries, home steroids and other adapted homemade devices too. In general, they are the top intense and advanced forms of electrosex. They are not always designed for the human body as the power can be way too much to handle. The effect is often even far from the erotic pleasure as well.

Top Electrosex toys you can buy right now and we totally recommend them!
Electrosex toys can be pretty scary to begin with, but the truth is that they are the real deal-breaker and can be a lot of fun for you as well. You will see plenty of toys in this guide, however you can expect to see some popular types of toys such as, dildos, lubes & gels, or super-electro based toys such as pads, wands and loops.

Electro Play Wand The Stinger
One of the best toys we have ever loved and always recommended to others is the electro play wand, it offers the features that are similar to no other. It has audible sounds like reliable and visible as well, although it is much safer and fun to use than other tools.

The toy is heavily backed up by 2 x AA batteries you can buy anywhere and it's no problem if you forget to charge it, because the batteries are easily available anywhere. Although these toys are much safer, they should only be used under the waist and not on every part of the body, as we recommend, they are the only ones of their kind and you will not regret using them at all.

Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo 7-Inch
As per a lot of reviews, as well as some of them (personal), this dildo makes a really awesome statement! It is made of genuine Polish steel even when using the cold version, although it is not recommended because it freezes easily. For metal or cold, freeze the metal with a little water to remove the edges.

For both the entertainment, it serves as a simple dildo and electrosex toy too. If you want to keep it inconspicuous, it can only be used as a dildo as an electrosex toy to increase your entertainment without further ado. The dildo has a wavy pattern on the pole, which is guaranteed to amaze you in more ways than you can imagine. Insert it into the electrical connections for electrical stimulation and hold the rubber bands on the base to avoid burning or hurting your hands.

Electro- Electrode Lubrication Gel
This super new conductive gel will surely enliven your other toys as well. It all takes a little pressure to get the most out of it, just like your electric sex toys. It is clear and water-based, making it safe to use with all your toys and helping you feel the true power of your electronic toys. If you get a 60 ml tube, it will last a good period till you need a new one, it will go a long way and it is good to use it.

It's a great way for good lubrication of your sensitive areas, why not just add another layer of x-factor and take this experience to the next level. Make a great gift for your partner or for yourself!

ElectraStim Uni-Polar Long ElectraPads
ElectraStim power packs are really something of the new age sex toys! They are absolutely bigger than the standard pads that come with the power supplies, so they are ideal for genital applications on your body easily. You can easily put one on yourself and one on your partner to get a unique inspiring and enjoyable experience.

The best part is that it easily fits anywhere and can be even more versatile and can be used many times if stored correctly and nicely. The best advantage is that the glue is hypoallergenic, so it is a suitable option for all allergy sufferers on the patch.

ElectraStim Electrosex Silicone Komodo Dildo
The best thing about electrosexual toys that comes with a dildo is that - you will never be bored of them. It has the perfect 6 inches that everyone would want, it is compatible with any harness such as a 1.5 inch O-ring. It doesn't come with a single stimulus unit, which needs to be purchased separately from it, even if it comes together into one, it's unbelievable.

The current and the alligator can stimulate nerve endings like never before and lead to absolutely surprisingly stimulating orgasms like no other, because a rigid rod is ideal for stimulating the P or G point. It's the perfect toy and nothing like the others!

Are there any risks associated with electrosex?
Well, of course there are a few risks involved as you are applying original electricity to your body. Electrosex devices and the overall concept is increasingly getting popular among young couples as well, and given the advancement in the technology and the sensation, why shouldn’t it? Electrosex toys or stimulation method directly affects your nerves by tingling them in a playful way for sexual pleasure.

However, you need to remain secure and safe about the method of application, as any extreme application can lead to shock, pain, discomfort as well as neurological disorders too. All the toys are manufactured within a designated parameter, however in case of ‘too-much’ fun, the toys can genuinely harm you or your partner. In the beginning, the feeling would be totally new, so it will get you sometime to adjust to it, however it will eventually grow on you and turn into the immense pleasure you have been waiting for. There are a few known risk factors for UTIs, however there is not much that can eventually cause you long-term harm.

Electrosex and everything about electrosex is something that truly goes on you. You get used to it after a while, once you get equipped with its pleasuring benefits and excitement it offers. Stay focused on the advice as well as the risks associated with it, be as safe as you can and always stay in pleasure.