Beducated Guide To How To Ejaculate Hands-Free?

Beducated Guide To How To Ejaculate Hands-Free?

December 16, 2022 0 Comments

Typically, hands and touch are essential for inducing an orgasm, but what if you didn't require them?

Male orgasms can be of any size or shape. You are aware of the common ejaculatory orgasm and most likely are also familiar with the prostate orgasm. You might even be familiar with the blended (ejaculatory and prostate) orgasm and the pelvic orgasm. But have you ever considered a male orgasm without using your hands? It can be exactly what you need to liven up the situation.

So what is a hands-free male orgasm? This kind of orgasm happens when climax stimulation of a guy is used to stimulate him without the use of typical masturbation or hand touch. You are correct that this sounds difficult.

Ejaculation: The Hands-Free Way

It seems that the healthier you are, the more you blow your load! And thinking of releasing a load, some men may assume they require a partner or extra hands in order to do it.

What if we told you that you could accomplish that goal on your own?

Yeah, you did indeed hear correctly! It is possible to discharge without using your own or another person's hands!

Think of your penis as hands-free! Hold fast because we will blow your socks off if you're curious about how you can accomplish this.

For many guys, having a hands-free orgasm will require patience and practice, but it might be simpler to pull off than it seems. You can achieve the hands-free climax in various ways, such as through meditation, the intake of erotic media, flexing your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles, or using soft, stimulating textiles. Some guys might combine these techniques to have a hands-free orgasm.

You'll be able to reach your climax without using your usual techniques if you have an open mind. Even though a hands-free orgasm could involve some sensual materials, you'll finally get to ejaculation through concentrated contemplation. Meditation involves allowing your mind to wander, but with hands-free orgasms, it's crucial to keep your attention on the stimulation.


10 Different Ways To Ejaculate The Hands-Free Way

Here are a few well-liked methods for enjoying a hands-free orgasm:

Penetrative sex 

During partnered sex, you can experience a hands-free orgasm. Take your hands out of the way during oral sex or intercourse so that your partner can give you the sensation you need to climax. It's usual for some people to need additional stimulation or masturbation to reach the climax, so don't be disheartened if you ultimately need to excite yourself with your hands to orgasm.


BDSM is a well-liked method for exploring stimulation in different parts of your body and decentralizing feeling in your body, especially with a partner. Having your lover tie you up or put you in handcuffs so that you are unable to stimulate your genitals with your hands and give them complete control of your pleasure is one technique to have a hands-free orgasm with BDSM. Tools to arouse you during BDSM play include spanking, nasty conversation, and blindfolds.

Orgasmic Breathing

This is the deliberate, focused breathing technique used to induce orgasm for sex-related pleasure. Your hands-on orgasm can also be prolonged by using orgasmic breathing. This can be done in a peaceful, cozy setting. Although it will take practice, you can also use a partner for this technique.

  • Get comfy and concentrate on deep, slow breathing via your nose and mouth while you explore orgasmic breathing. 
  • Allow your inhalation to reach your pelvic floor so that it can relax and receive more blood flow. 
  • Start experimenting with contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles while you breathe (similar to Kegel exercises). 

The first time, you might not be able to experience orgasm. Finding what works best and most closely resembles an orgasm during orgasmic breathing may take several sessions. However, the total orgasms you can experience can be enjoyable.

Take Help From Sex Toys 

Take Help From Sex Toys Try vibrators that fit inside underwear for those with vulvas or cock rings for individuals with penises to get a hands-free orgasm with sex toys. Working on remote-controlled vibrators can be done in pairs. Suction cup dildos are useful since you can attach them anyplace and utilize them for orgasms.

Wearable Sex Toys 

Wearable toys come in a variety of forms and sizes and are a fun, hands-free option. Strap-on dildos, insertable vibrators, and couples vibrators are all common body-worn toys for hands-free pleasure. Wearable gadgets that activate the prostate or clitoris are a tried-and-true method for many vulva owners to have a hands-free climax while masturbating or engaging in relationship play.

Kegel Exercises & Muscle Stimulation

Exercise your Kegels and clenching. Individuals with penises and vulvas can use this method. You can use kegel exercises on your pelvic floor to raise arousal and excite your genitalia. To stimulate your prostate or clitoris, try continuously clenching and releasing your muscles.

Grinding & Humping

People who have a vulva or a penis can hump or grind for enjoyment. To rub against, you can use a blanket, a pillow, or couch cushions. To achieve orgasm, use friction. A vibrator can be used as well for grinding.

Erotic Hypnosis

One form of meditation that tries to submerge you in sexual fantasy is erotic hypnosis. This hypnosis technique aims to provide you with indirect physical stimulation so you may tap into your inner sensual energy. Similar to guided meditation, when a guide leads you through the experience, erotic hypnosis is a form of trance. A professional sexologist or sex hypnotist can offer advice, or you might start by searching for prepared sexual hypnosis videos or audio recordings.

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is a type of sexual encounter that tries to help its participants experience deep connection and mindfulness. Hands-free (or even touch-free) sexual techniques, including breathwork, extended eye contact, caresses, massaging, and slow, patient intercourse, are common in tantric traditions.

Sexual Fantasizing

Since sexual imagining is completely touch-free and relies on your mind and mental state to raise your arousal and induce orgasm, it is one of the trickiest ways to experience a hands-free orgasm. Get relaxed and start thinking about something like a sexual fantasy that makes you aroused to explore sexual fantasizing. As long as you don't directly stimulate your genitals, feel free to let your hands explore various parts of your body while daydreaming. Introduce erotica, such as porn or sexy music, if you discover that your thoughts are starting to stray from your fantasy.

What Are The Benefits of Ejaculation?

Ejaculating at least 21 times each month dramatically lowers a man's chance of prostate cancer, according to a Daily Mail headline from 2017. The study in question used self-reported information from participants between 1992 and 2010 regarding how frequently they orgasmed each month and whether they had prostate cancer.

It's also critical to remember that the study didn't say if ejaculation was the consequence of masturbation or intercourse with a partner. Any potential benefits may depend on the cause of emission.

Oxytocin is released during orgasms and ejaculations, strengthening your emotional connection to your mate and raising your feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Your immune system, your attitude, and even the number of years you live can all be improved by ejaculating. How? Read on.

Ejaculating is good for the heart

Life is incomplete without sex. The cardiovascular and sexual health of 952 men were examined during a 17-year period in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study. The results of the study showed how critical sex and ejaculation are to a man's health: men who had sex two to four times per week had a 45 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than men who had sex once per month. That number will make your pulse beat faster.

Ejaculating helps in preventing cancer

Ejaculating helps your heart and has been shown to greatly reduce your risk of prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, 175,000 new cases of prostate cancer are identified each year in the United States, or one in nine males.

According to studies, males who ejaculate at least 21 times each month, whether with a partner or alone, have a 31 percent LOWER RISK of developing prostate cancer. That is an advantage you cannot overlook.

Ejaculating increases your life years.

Regular sex reduced the chance of death by almost 50%, according to a British Medical Journal study comparing Welsh peasant sexual behavior and life expectancy. Even while it's evident that this doesn't imply that regular ejaculation makes a man immortal, it can extend a man's life by as much as four years. What a way to live, too.

The advantages of ejaculation are numerous. Healthy erections are essential to having frequent ejaculations. Because erectile dysfunction impacts both your relationship and your chances of optimal health, it is crucial to avoid and treat it.

Some other benefits of ejaculation include; 

  • General unwinding
    •Sexual tension release.
    • Assisting you in having better sex.
    • Easing tension
    • Enhancing your mood
    • Improves sleep for you
    • Improving your awareness of your own needs and desires.

Step-By-Step Guide To Hands-Free Orgasms 

Follow these eight steps to cum hands-free and enjoy your pleasure fantasies. 

Step 1: Say Sayonara To Your Old Habits

Old habits are typically difficult to break, but mastering the art of letting go of your old masturbation behaviors is essential if you want to enjoy the mind-blowing sensation of a hands-free ejaculation.

You can find yourself finding innovative ways to improve your ejaculation techniques by breaking the routine you have grown accustomed to.

Step 2: Head To A Private Space 

For any form of sex, including masturbation, this stage is required. When you have some free time, find a quiet, secluded area where you won't be disturbed or distracted, and try out a hands-free orgasm there.

Step 3: Set The Scene For Your Hands-Free Ejaculation

You must now choose the direction of your hands-free male orgasm. Play some seductive music or pornographic film. Maybe you should just read erotica. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that the objective is for the words or images to evoke enough of a response in your subconscious to attain climax.

Step 4: Focus On Your Breathing

Breathwork helps your body absorb oxygen into your blood. Start focusing attentively on your penis as your breathing begins to become more relaxed. Your hands-free experience will start when you concentrate on increasing the blood flow to your pelvic area.

Step 5: Thing About Sexual Fantasies

Hit play or start reading the erotica as things get hot and keep your eyes glued to your penis. Think naughty thoughts and visualize yourself having a hot date. Allow these mental ideas to harden you without using your hands.

Step 6: Try To Flex Your Pelvic Muscles 

You might be curious about how to have a hands-free orgasm as you're probably used to repetitive stroking or penetration to induce climax. You might feel your penis twitch without actually touching it if you flex your PC muscles constantly for a few minutes.

Step 7: Use Fabric

Before abandoning up, try utilizing materials if you're unsure that you can ejaculate without your hands. Although using fabrics to achieve a hands-free orgasm isn't entirely touchless, it's a terrific way to ease yourself into the procedure if you're not used to it. A plush scarf, a pillowcase made of satin, a sports jersey, a furry object, or some silky pants might work.

Meditate & Visualize

Time, location, imagery, and resources are all on your side to complete the task. You must now pay close attention and let your imagination lead you to the large hands-free O.

Focus on the exciting fantasy that is currently taking place in your head. Pay attention to how your penis feels and how it would feel if you performed the nasty deed you are considering. Allow your mind to guide your body to a high-level hands-free masturbation experience. Don't be discouraged if it takes you longer than usual to finish, and don't be surprised if you ejaculate more quickly than you anticipated either, as this is a new pleasure method for you.


Prostate Assisted Ejaculation

Prostate fluid, one of the most vital components of semen, is secreted by the prostate, making it a crucial component of a man's reproductive system.

We'll give you some hints if you don't know what or where your prostate gland is. However, keep in mind that each man's prostate may not be in the same place.

It is typically found after prodding about the region between your testicles and anus, and it is typically the size of a walnut.

You will actually experience some sort of intense pleasure because the area where you generally prod around is somehow connected to the penis!

Don't fret if you want to attempt a prostate play, but the thought of having fingers in your butthole makes you a bit uneasy.

You can get the required pleasure and climax in another way! Not even touching your penis is necessary.

Your perineum's stimulation is the key to it all! It's about time you take advantage of prostate play if you feel like nothing is stopping you and you want to move things along.

To be able to orgasm through your prostate, you must be able to identify the most effective stimulation techniques for you.

Some Steps to help you with prostate-assisted ejaculation:
• Clean up and relax: Before you begin, it's necessary to wash your hands and maintain your personal hygiene. You might want to give douching a try because it can become a little dirty down there.

  • Remember the lubricant:You will require your favorite lubrication, so stock up now! That is not intended to frighten you but rather to prepare you for excellent things! You must be prepared to prepare yourself because our asses weren't exactly made for penetration (not that it will stop us anyhow)!
  • Get yourself going: Finding the prostate may resemble a treasure hunt for those who are new to the art of prostate play.
  • Settle in: Find your most comfortable sexual posture before performing your prostate play alone.
  • Take it easy when entering: Don't rush it if you're going to begin your prostate play! You can start by sticking one of your fingers up your ass. Please take it slowly! Don't forget to breathe once you've inserted that finger; inhale! Push your sphincter muscles out as you are ready to exhale to make it easier for your finger to enter.
  • Target discovered: Once you've got your finger in, try pushing it slightly toward your scrotum and about two inches above your rectum. To locate your prostate, try moving your finger around. You know you've found something special when it resembles something the size of a walnut or chestnut.
  • The next step is to continue stimulatingit until there is no turning back. And there you have it—prostate assistance in ejaculation!

That's it. This is all you need to know about how to ejaculate hands-free and spice up your sex life.