Are you really expert in kiss?

Are you really expert in kiss?

April 12, 2024 0 Comments

Some time ago, a fan asked us to teach him how to kiss. How to teach this? Not in the book!

However, after my in-depth theoretical study and continuous "practice", I have summed up 6 skills about kissing!

But I found that although kissing skills are important, if you make some mistakes or make some taboos when kissing, then no matter how much you learn, it is useless.

Because a few wrong actions can ruin the whole kiss. For example bad breath, pain, etc.

So, let me introduce to you the things you should know and the mistakes you can't make before kissing!

First of all, make sure the body has good taste!

Some women who value kissing think that kissing is very beautiful. However, bad breath will not only greatly reduce the beauty of kissing, but also subconsciously affect mutual trust and emotions.

So how do you check your mouth and body for any odor?

First, wash your wrists and smell them. After making sure your wrists are smell-free, you can lick your cleansed wrists and smell yours again. If you don't smell anything, it means your mouth is fresh.

There are many ways to keep your mouth fresh in life. For example, you can use mouthwash after meals to clean your mouth, but I think brushing your teeth is the easiest way. If you could, you might brush your teeth three times a day.

Some friends think that chewing gum and mouthwash also have the effect of keeping the mouth fresh. It can also be prepared if necessary. In short, all these preparations are in the hope of giving others a good feeling.

In addition to the taste of the mouth, people are also sensitive to the taste of the body.

Especially in summer, some friends will have the smell of sweat or alcohol and tobacco. When you get close, the other party will feel uncomfortable when they smell these smells.

Before hugging or kissing your partner, wash your body carefully, use a moderate amount of body wash or soap, and let your body emit a fresh fragrance. Of course, you can also spray some of your favorite fragrances!

Second, kissing has these taboos.

As I describe next, you can go back and think about whether you have made any of these common mistakes in your past relationships with your partner.

First, some men or women express their affection by biting each other.

In fact, this method is not very good. If both of you can accept it, it is recommended that you can gently place your teeth on each other's skin.

Because many people don't grasp strength well, I don't recommend everyone to kiss by biting. The pain and unpleasant emotions caused by excessive strength will make the other party want to push you away or have the idea of ​​swearing.

Second, saliva graffiti

Saliva graffiti is to produce too much saliva when kissing, making the other person's face all over. Some men make this mistake and make the girl's face full of jerks after kissing, which can make the scene feel greasy, embarrassing, and even disgusting.

Generally, when kissing, make sure that there is a certain amount of saliva in the mouth. Swallow some if you feel too much saliva, just keep your lips moist.

Third, put your hands in your pockets.

In fact, kissing is a way of expressing love. But there are some men who usually don't know where to put their hands. Some men put their hands in their pockets and look like they don't care, which hurts their feelings and reduces their points. I suggest that men can gently hold each other or hold each other's hands when kissing. If they are not preparing for sex, don't touch them!

Fourth, blindness (no eye contact).

The eyes also play a very important role in the whole kissing process. You can stare deeply at each other when you start kissing, and then you can close your eyes slowly and enjoy such a process.

In the process of kissing, don't avoid eye contact, and kiss the other person according to your own feelings.

I think if you keep your breath fresh, clean your body, and don't make the mistakes mentioned above, your kissing skills can already reach 60 points or more.

I summarize the preparatory work for kissing, including the following two points: the first is to ensure the taste of the mouth and body and create an atmosphere and environment that can make each other feel safe; The second is to express your love in the process of kissing, let your partner know that you desire each other, don't bite, don't get saliva all over your face, hug him, and make eye contact with him.

How about it? Did you think of someone after reading this? Hahaha