A Beginner's Guide:What Are The Types Of Vibrators?

A Beginner's Guide:What Are The Types Of Vibrators?

January 09, 2023 0 Comments

The vibrator is one of the favorite sex toys of female compatriots, which can be used for flirting between husband and wife to effectively improve the quality of sexual life. The vibrator is generally made of silicone and ABS. More and more people pay attention to the safety of materials and the comfort of products besides the design itself. So what kinds of vibrators can be divided into?


G-Spot vibrator

G-spot, 2-3 cm from vaginal opening in front wall of vagina (1/3 of female vagina from outside to inside). When the clitoris is not stimulated, the region is more likely to have orgasm when stimulated by pressure. The G-spot stick vibrates through the motor to stimulate the G-spot and reach the female orgasm. Because of the different physiological structures between men and women, women generally reach orgasm later than men, and the G-stick is more suitable for partners to achieve common orgasm. High-end G-bar can bend freely, and can be used by both men and women with higher experience.

Compared with ordinary vibrators, G-spot vibrators generally add an electric tongue to stimulate, such as enjoying the intimacy of the tongue base, licking the magic tongue +G-spot vibration, which are generally waterproof.

Some G-spot vibrators have smooth surfaces and the front section is tilted upward, in order to make the tilted part stimulate the G-spot better. There are also some G-spot vibrators that are similar in shape to pseudopenises, but shorter than them, and have an extra section at the root, which can stimulate the vulva and clitoris

It must be said that the invention of the G-spot vibrator is a miracle for women, which greatly improves the stimulation and enjoys the pleasure brought by orgasm.

Safety and hygiene are very important because they have to enter the body. Disinfection is recommended before use; It is better to apply some lubricating liquid when using; Clean and dry after use; It can be enjoyed alone or flirted by lovers.


Clitor vibrator

It is a magic weapon for virgins to enjoy themselves without entering their bodies. Most women who climaxed to C said: C spot stimulation is far easier to reach orgasm than other points.

Some small toys specially designed to stimulate clitoris are cute in appearance and look like a work of art. These toys have a common goal: "attack clitoris". Compared with other vibrators, the power of clitoral vibrator is relatively low. Why is this so? Because the clitoris toys are smaller and have limited internal space, they are more suitable for foreplay. Beginners can also choose this toy first, and enjoy the thrill brought by the vibrator from outside to inside. Of course, the mute design is wonderful now, and the clitoral vibrator is also a good choice for those who want a gentle feeling.

Rabbit vibrator

There is no doubt that rabbit vibrator is rated as one of the most popular vibrators by women. If you look closely at the shape of the vibrator, you will find that the rabbit ears are separated in the middle, and the rabbit's head protrudes from the ears. By controlling the vibration amplitude, the brand-new limp and numb feeling makes you feel free and happy. Massage the sexually sensitive parts of the user and the female G-spot, which can stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, keep the vagina "accommodating", avoid the "useless atrophy" of the vagina, and achieve the purposes of physical therapy, masturbation and increasing interest. It can also be used for flirting between husband and wife, and effectively improve the quality of sexual life. After reading this, you should understand why rabbit vibrator is so popular with women.

AV vibrator

AV vibrators, also known as classic vibrators, have obvious characteristics and similar shapes, such as a big head, a stick body and a thin neck, such as milk bottles, microphones and ice cream. AV stick was originally used to relax muscles, but later it was found that stimulating clitoris was more effective. The reason why it is called AV vibrators is that the vibration intensity and stimulation intensity are larger than those of traditional vibrators. Even through underwear, it can reach its climax in a few minutes, and it is easy to blow. It is one of the most commonly used vibrators in Japanese AV films. The advantage is that it won't hurt when you use your hands for a long time, so it is widely trusted by couples or single women. If you like to stimulate clitoris, it is recommended to choose AV vibrator.

Sucking vibrator

The sucking vibrating rod comprises a vibrating rod body with an inner space, one end of the vibrating rod body is provided with an opening, and a closing piece is arranged on the opening; A vibrator is built in the inner space, a plurality of sucking holes communicated with the inner space are arranged on the outer surface of the vibrating rod body, a pipeline for air to enter and exit the inner space is arranged on the sealing piece, and an air pump for air extraction and inflation is arranged on the pipeline. This utility model has the advantages that it can suck different positions of vagina while vibrating, so that female users can obtain better physiological experience. Nowadays, many products have a double mode of sucking and vibrating, and the two functions are integrated in the same product, which makes women get great satisfaction in physiology.

Mini vibrator

There are many details, of course, for vibrators, there are also big and small models, and vibrators also have mini models. Although it is hard to imagine from the size that the extremely strong vibration is enough to shock you, it can bring you a simple but not simple effect, and the shock force is strong. So, what is a mini vibrator? How to use it?

Mini vibrator is a relatively small vibrator, which mainly stimulates women's vaginal opening and G point, and can increase women's chances of orgasm, and can be used for flirting and masturbation. Applicable people: women who have sex but are not experienced; Women with less orgasms or slight frigidity. Time: There is no limit, as long as it does not damage sexual organs and can arouse sexual desire. In addition, the mini vibrator is easy to collect, and can be used as a pendant, which is suitable for giving gifts for personal use. You can easily carry it with you, and you can easily put it in your bag whether in the car or in the wild.

wearable vibrator

This is a popular female sex toy, which can be used by women alone or by couples to flirt. Wearable vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation to free hands and are often worn during sexual intercourse. Couples think they are super interesting and naughty. The wireless remote control and hand free vibrator attract a large number of women who are interested 


The belt wraps around the waist, leaving the vagina, making them suitable for sex. Some even have remote control, which makes them really hands-free vibrator, so that partners can remotel control the intensity of the motor. At present, there is also a kind of dildo-like shape that also occupies vagina, which is worn in underpants, and C and G spots stimulate together. There is another wearable vibrator, the U-shapes  design, which couples wear when playing sex games and can wear it outside. This is a strange sexual trend at present.

Designed according to ergonomics, it can snuggle up to the pubic bone and labia of women and contact with clitoris. If you are looking for hands-free sexual stimulation, this is the only kind of vibrator that allows you to move freely without touching toys.

Couples vibrator

Many people mistakenly believe that sex toys are just for single men and women or, perhaps, for people in relationships who enjoy a little alone time. The truth is that there are many sex toys out there that help couples have better, more exciting sex together!There is no specific type of vibrator called couple vibrator, but it is more a collection of styles, which comes from a classified subcategory. The most striking thing is the vibrating penile ring worn by men during erection, which stimulates the clitoris and vagina of his partner during sexual intercourse.

Couple vibrators are used as part of foreplay and sex, just to make couples' sex life more exciting. The vibrating penile ring is worn on the penis during sexual intercourse and stimulates both sides.

Some toys have subtle stimulation, which makes women feel like making love. There are also some styles that can be inserted into men's anus for prostate massage These are a series of intimate accessories that couples like to try in the bedroom.