A Beginner's Guide To Picking Your First Kegel Ball

A Beginner's Guide To Picking Your First Kegel Ball

January 16, 2023 0 Comments

Kegel exercises are not alien to humankind, and among us female folks, it is even more discussed, often as a pastime.

Recently, more women have started to pay more attention to their sexual lives, and there has been a surge in the popularity of sex toys, aphrodisiacs and other sex enhancement products.

The idea of Kegel exercises has also gained more popularity and acceptance in the female world.

Sexually active women and women of reproductive ages have attested to the efficiency of Kegels and how much it has helped in various aspects of their sexual and reproductive lives.

In pregnancy and childbirth, women who regularly took Kegels generally have better control of their bladder, bowels and pelvic floor. This is really because the Kegels exercises help to strengthen the muscles which support the bladder, the uterus, and the bowels.

Strengthening these muscles ensures that we can relax and contract our pelvic when necessary.

However, as much as every woman understands the importance of the Kegel exercises, we are all guilty of forgetting to take our levels seriously at one point or the other.


Kegel balls, also known as orgasm balls, are small, round-shaped balls that weigh from about 30 to 80 grams on average. They are usually hollow and contain a small weight inside of them.

Kegel balls are used for sexual stimulation or at other times to perform the Kegels exercises.

They are small balls that help give sexual stimulation to some women and help other women perform the Kegel exercise.


Kegel balls come in different types and make. This includes terms of color, shape, size, weight and even quantity.

Picking a Kegel ball sex toys for a beginner would usually not pose to be a problem, but since some beginners are more daring than others, and most have certain color, texture and weight preferences, that is the consideration for the primary purpose of the ball, as some would prefer sexual stimulation over muscle strengthening.

Generally, level balls, like vibrators and dildos, are made of silicon; however, it is not uncommon to find some made with rubber, jelly or other materials.

The best quality balls are made with silicon. These give a more skin-like feel and are less likely to give allergy reactions compared to latex. Non-porous silicone tends to work better as a sexual product than other materials.

Some Kegel balls could also have about two or three of the weights strung together. This is usually a good pick for women who have tried one or two previously and looking to explore more.

For a beginner, picking the right Kegel ball is dependent on certain factors majorly:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Shape
  • Texture/Material


If you are a newbie, it is advised that you start with the Kegel ball size that aligns with your tampon size. As much as this method may not be foolproof, it has been proven to work overtime.

Aside from using tampon sizes for measurement, you could also go through a wide range of selections and try to find out which one suits you in terms of weight, texture color, etc., which is what this guide is here to help you with.

In picking sizes, women who purchase Kegel balls for exercise purposes are advised to pick progressive sizes. That is to buy balls in increasing sizes and weight progressively. This helps them advance in strengthening their pelvic muscles and moving along as the muscle gets more developed.

If you are buying for sexual stimulation too, you can buy in increasing sizes, but who says you can't have both and do both.


Regarding weight, you want to be sure that you pick a weight you would be comfortable having down there. The weight must be comfortable enough to allow you to get through with the rest of your daily activities; you don't want to have to drag your feet while you go through the day.

The weight has to be just as perfect as the size. There may not be much of a problem with this because usually, an increase in size would automatically be an increase in weight, so if you're picking a particular size, the chances are that the weight is almost perfect for you as well.


As much as some do not agree, the shape of your Kegel ball determines how much of what you get fit. Some balls are better equipped to give you pleasure, while others are made to help you find pleasure elsewhere.

In picking your desired Kegel ball, you must specify your primary aim is; would you prefer to strengthen your vaginal floor and walls, or would you prefer to enjoy the moment, or do you want both?

Women who have just gone through the process of birthing a child usually prefer the former; however, if you want both, that is fine too, and this guide will help you do just that.

  • The round ones

The most common shapes are the perfectly round ones. These work better to help pelvic strengthening, and a perfect example is the Zola Luxe Kegel balls; they are perfect for beginners, and they also come in strings of twos and threes, each with a different weight. They are made of silicon, and they have hoops to help bring them back out when you are done. Another close recommendation is the Paloqueth Kegel balls. They are good for their price, and they do the job perfectly well.

  • The oval ones

These are better suited to provide pleasure, and a lot of them come with remote controls that help you control what happens, or... you can give the remote to a partner for ultimate pleasure.

A strong recommendation is a We-Vibe bloom vibrating Kegel ball from love honey.com. It is perfect if you have a large budget and especially perfect if you seek vaginal fitness along with some pleasure.

The Je Joue Ami Balls are also perfect, they are not so expensive, and they come with three weighted balls, which all have different shapes for all moods and needs.


As we mentioned earlier, there are various materials, and as much as you have a lot of options, we suggest that you stick to silicone-made balls. They are safer, usually hypoallergenic, and they don't get degraded and absorbed by the vagina. However, if latex is completely safe for you to use, you could try out a latex Kegel ball.


As we discussed earlier, picking the right ball is based on several factors, some of which we have already discussed. The one topic we have not explored, however, is how much these Kegel balls cost.

Kegel ball prices are spread over a wide range of budgets, and it would be quite easy for anyone to find the perfect match.

We searched on Amazon, and the level ball with the least price for its quality is the YTOY female Ben Wa balls. They cost 12 dollars and are made of silicone. It consists of three balls, two of which are strung together, with a hoop to keep it from going all in.

If you are on a small budget, then this is your go-to Kegel ball.

Next on our list is the CKSOHOT Kegel balls. This one comes with remote control, and it allows for ultimate sexual pleasure. There are five balls in all, including two pairs of balls strung together and a last single one. The remote also has ten control vibrations. And this beautiful set costs only about 35 dollars. And this is perfect for all stages of Kegel exercises.

If you're unsure of twin balls or would like to try bigger weights without using more than one ball, then the ENERGY Kegel balls system is your choice. It is comprised of 5 single balls, all of the different weights but similar shapes.

This Kegel ball allows you to move right from beginner to expert without having to buy another set. There are all made of silicon and are skin-friendly.

However, if you have a fairly large budget or no budget at all, you may want to try out the Better Angel YC Kegel balls. There are about seven balls in all also plus a remote control to regulate all of the actions. Of the seven Kegel balls, there are three sets of twos and, lastly, a single ball.

In advance of technology, you might also want to check out the LIMENAMICS Kegel balls. These Kegel balls are controlled with the use of a mobile app. In this case, the Kegel ball is shaped like earphones, with one end larger than the other.

The end which goes up into the vagina is bigger and heavier, while the other end could be used to stimulate the clitoris, or it could be left to dangle while you enjoy intense pleasure from the ball. The Kegel ball costs about 80 dollars and has 12 different modes to operate it from the phone.

 Again, if you're out to explore and without a budget, this could be very good for you.