8 Sex Positions That Guarantee Men's Pleasure

8 Sex Positions That Guarantee Men's Pleasure

April 12, 2024 0 Comments

There are many ways to make ordinary sex more exciting, and some sex positions with the help of position aids can add extra excitement while exploring. There are a number of ways to see what a particular male pleasing position might mean to you—though, for starters, it should be one that provides above-average physical pleasure or one that is especially pleasing. The way people get excited. Once you get started, the possibilities are endless, but here are some great ways to get started. 

1. Dragon Fly

This sex position is especially suitable for men who like to penetrate the visuals. It allowed him to see everything in the front row, while also giving him access to her clit and breasts. He lies seated with his legs out with his weight on his arms behind him. She sat across from him with one or both legs on his shoulders.

2. Side Lotus

Deeper, more intense penetration can lead to greater happiness. In this one, he gained full penetration while being able to manipulate her hips and legs as a unit, resulting in an almost rocking motion. She wraps her legs around you and hooks her ankles if she can. Face to face, you both recline to one side.

3. Cowgirl sex position

We want depth of penetration but we also want the pleasure of anticipation. That’s where teasing comes in.

In this cowgirl sex position, the woman gets to pleasure and tease the man while at the same time, he can thrust as hard or soft as he wants from below by simply pulling her down close to his chest. Both get extreme pleasure and some control.

4. Girl On Top

Whether she’s facing forward or reverse, the great view is one of the aspects with the capacity to make this position particularly enjoyable. With her on the top, most men report lasting longer, making this the perfect position to extend the pleasure for you both.

5. Lap Dance

In this situation, she’s treating you to something extra special — and that is your own private lap dance! Have her take it slow while she approaches you and starts to straddle you, as you sit in a chair or on the couch. You can enjoy the show and get very hands-on.

6. Scissor Missionary

In this "scissor" rotation task, start by placing one leg on your shoulder while placing the other leg on the ground/bed. This allows for deeper penetration and limits your partner's ability to stay out of action.

7. Doggy Style

In the doggy position, you get a bird's-eye view of the action and get pleasure by giving pleasure. Plus, you can control the depth and speed, and your hands are free to reach out to stimulate her clitoris or breasts.

8. Reverse Mantis

In all sex positions, their pleasure threshold is partially dependent on, simply, what we may be most into. For this one, his ass is accessible to her for full anal and/or prostate play. He gets to enjoy a whole new angle of penetration while also having access to her feet if he's into a little foot/shrimping play. She lies flat on her back. He mounts her in the reverse and lies flat on top of her with his head at her feet. He inserts his erect penis into her vagina by scooting back towards her.