Otouch Airturn 3 Automatic Real Sucking Masturbator

OTOUCH Airturn III Male Masturbator Vibrator for Men Silicone Automatic Heating Sucking Oral Sex Cup Adult Intimate Toys Blowjob Machine

Deep suck - 3 gear sucking intensity to stimulate private parts

Power high pressure pump - a steady stream of air pressure will be generated in the cup cavity, which in turn drives the colloid to shrink and move, very close to real person sucking.

Powerful motor high-speed vibration - 6 levels of vibration with different frequencies and 3 intensities. A total of 18 different tricks with the inner cavity soft intrusion simulating real-life texture, which brings a more realistic orgasm experience.

~Automatic air sucking, tongue spiraling around the sense of spiral, shrinking pinch sense channel contraction, mouth suction sense negative pressure suction, tooth grinding sense channel scraping

~Simulates the real touch of the flesh, and the fleshy grains are staggered and stimulated, and the 4D fleshy channel is all-rounded 

Brand: otouch
Model type: airturn 3
Material: silicone/tpr/abs
Size: 240*100mm
Insertable size: 114mm (stretchable)
Vibration: 6 frequency modes, 3 intensities
Max noise: 60db
Use time: around 60min
Package: 1x otouch airturn iii masturbator
airturn 3 masturbator

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