Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 Masturbator

The Cobra Libre ii is a masturbator for men with two powerful motors that is made for the head of the penis. 

Every man who enjoys oral sex and stimulation of the head of the penis should try the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 Masturbator! 

This male masturbator surrounds and hugs the very sensitive tip of the penis with its soft interior and 2 motors. These motors deliver vibrations to the head of the penis.

Cobra Libre 2 is also a hands-free male sex toy and doesn't need to be moved back and forth like other male sex toys, which allows you to concentrate on pleasure. The two powerful motors pulse and create overlapping vibrations to deliver spot-on stimulation just below the sensitive glans!

The Cobra Libre 2 has two powerful and rumbly motors with 11 vibration settings for direct stimulation of the tip of your penis. Thanks to the long-lasting vibrations, the Cobra Libre feels similar to oral sex. 

A 3-button control makes the Cobre Libre easy to use and better for couples play. It allows your partner to straddle you while you are lying down wearing the Cobra 2 on your penis. The intuitive control interface also gives you better control over your experience, thanks to the key lock, an instant-off feature and QuickSTOP function, and a charge level indicator.

The toy can be applied over the erect penis upright. The glans is exposed through the so-called “crowding out” effect caused by the interior shape of the toy.

Since the Cobra Libre 2 is completely waterproof, it is easy to clean the inner chamber with sex toy cleaner. Please only use water-based lubricant. 

Cobra Libre 2 is USB rechargeable. When the toy is connected via the magnetic charging point to the enclosed USB charger, the number of illuminated buttons indicates the remaining power.  When 1 of the 3 buttons is lit up, you need to recharge. When all 3 buttons are lit up, then the toy is fully charged.


  • Discreet male vibrator and masturbator
  • Stimulates the tip of the penis
  • 2 independent powerful rumbly motors
  • 11 vibration patterns
  • Envelops your penis in super soft silicone
  • Use for solo or couples play
  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable

Measures: 5.79" x 1.69"
Insertion length: 3.15"
Weight: 570g

How to use:
The Cobra Libre 2 will be locked when it arrives.
To unlock it, hold the FUN button and the "+" button at the same time for 5 seconds.
Then push the FUN button again to activate. 
Control the vibration patterns with the two other buttons.
To turn off the toy, hit the FUN button again. 

See the Cobra Libre 2 instruction manual.

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