Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator


The TENGA FLIP HOLE is the next step in the evolution of male sex toys with its all-new set of interior structures which are designed to give a new experience and sensation.

A modern and discreet masturbation sleeve and stroker, the Japanese designed Tenga Flip has strategically-placed, intense textured areas of sensation for amazing orgasms. It's the perfect luxury sex toy and masturbator for men, which provides a high level of pleasure that regular masturbation doesn't offer. 

To enrich your Tenga Flip Hole experience and to create the most sensual of sensations we invite you to maximize that experience with the 'Hole Lotion'

Much more discreet than an artificial vagina, the Tenga Flip Hole has different kinds interesting textures of ribs, nubs, nooks and crannies that feel amazing on the penis. The interior is made from body-safe and ultra soft elastomer plastic. 

Tenga Flip features single hand controls. These buttons allows you to control the amount of pressure on the top, bottom and sides for a tighter experience, more suction, or extra head stimulation! Also, the buttons can be used for extra grip. 

Try the Tenga Flip and see how addictive it will be. The Tenga Flip Hole is discreet, super easy to clean, and a whole new kind of pleasure that you've never felt before.


  • Super soft TPE
  • Intricate nooks & crannies for extra stimulation
  • Flip design makes it very easy to apply lubricant and clean
  • Excellent for solo or couples play
  • Re-usable up to 50 times
  • Includes water-based lubricant samples
Size: 175*75mm
Insertion| 5.9"
Weight: 535g
About the Product:
(White)Experience the supple texture of our softest FLIP HOLE.
The gentle, yet intricate details provide a sublime sensation.
The One Hand Control Pad lets you control the stimulation.
(BLACK) Dynamic stimulation from a tighter, firmer design!
The accentuated three-dimensional details rhythmically arouse.
Pioneering molding technology give life to "Double-Layered" details.
(Silver)A strong squeeze is delivered from the firm passage of edges.
The stronger elastomer provides a rebounding sensation from its walls.
Envelop yourself in a maze of planes and edges for a strong, smooth sensation.
(Red)Densely packed protrusions brush along as they entangle you
A stream of smoothly formed ribs gently tickle your tip.Ribs aligned in a fan-shape sector amplify the stimulation
how to use tenga flip hole
tenga flip hole masturbator instruction

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