Lady Perfume 75ml Fresh, Natural and Long-lasting Deodorant Spray deodorant perfume feminino

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Product category: perfume

Color: skin tone
Cross-border sourcing: yes
Applicable skin type: any skin type
Notes: floral notes
Category: perfume, perfume
Origin: China
Origin of import: France
Applicable to: ladies
Scent: lemon, vanilla, lily, Chinese fir cape jasmine fruit, candy, flowers, honey, spices, musk, apple, sandalwood, cinnamon, sweet peach, hyacinth, osmanthus, mint, green grass, pine, citrus, rose, jasmine, milk, amber, strawberry, peach, water lily
Specification: normal specification
Shelf life :5 years
Fu xiang rate: 7-12%
Perfume ingredients:Diethanolamine,Fragrance,Parabens

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