DUAI Men Essential Oil Penis Enhancement Massage Oils

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DUAI Men Penis Thickening Growth Enlargment Cock Erection Enhance Health Care Enlarge Health Massage Oil 


Good ductility and easy absorption

Apply to the surface of male body so that the body can absorb quickly and make the body surface smooth

Safe and comfortable, the glass bottle is hygienic and easy to carry.

Effect 1: male penis enlargement cream
Effect 2: bigger cock enhance increase gel
Effect 3: male enhancement delay liquid
Effect 4: prevent premature ejaculation delay oil

Brand: duai
Ingredient: Pure plant extraction
big dick thickening growth oil: penis enlargement
NET WT: 5ml each
Package: 1x box includes 5pcs bottles

Precise measurement, one bottle at a time, 5ml, to ensure the activity of ingredients.
Precision isolation, clean and hygienic, prevent secondary pollution.
Safe and comfortable, no rebound.
Storage method: Please place in low temperature ventilation and dry place to avoid water source and fire source; Protect light, seal and low temperature storage.

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