Perfume Set Woman Angel Series Lasting Fresh Natural Fragrance summer dresses Female Deodorant Stick women's parfume

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Product category: perfume
Color: white, light blue, red, dark blue
Suitable skin type: all
Brand type: domestic brand
Notes: floral notes
Category: perfume, perfume
Origin of import: France
Applicable to: ladies
Fragrance: jasmine, lemon, vanilla, lotus, citrus, musk, honeysuckle, peach, canglan, plum, pear, violet, gardenia,
magnolia, ambergris
Specification: normal specification
Shelf life :5 years
Net content: 25 ml
Fu xiang rate: 3-7%
PerfumeIngredients: essence, ethanol, water ,beta hydroxy acids,diethanolamine,fragrance

1. each time not too much use.
2. do not overlap the use of different perfume.
3. when the sweat should not be used directly on the skin.
4. can not be sprayed on white clothing perfume, so as not to leave stains.
5. such as to wear jewelry, gold, silver jewelry, you must first spray perfume and then wear.

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