Perfume Men Deodorant Atomizer Spay Women Lasting Fragrance Elegant Refreshing Flower Aromatic Water

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Feature 1 : Male Classic Cologne Perfumed Spray
Feature 2 : Female Pheromone Perfumed Spray
Feature 3 : Body deodorant, to body odor, fragrance agent
Feature 4 : Fast body deodorant,Effective long-lasting Fragrance

How to use:
Unscrew the cover, Gently shake.
1. Spray the perfume bottle about 10-20 cm away from the body, Then the body sits in the scent for 15 seconds.
2. Can be smear behind the ear, neck, Before the chest, Wrist, waist, Inside of the knee Other parts.A few minutes to be effective,last about 5-8 hours.

1. Each time not too much use.
2. Do not overlap the use of different perfume.
3. When the body sweats, not suitable for spraying on the skin.
4. Perfume cannot be sprayed on white clothing, So as not to leave stains.
5. If you want to wear jewellery, gold or silver jewelry, you must first spray perfume and then wear it.

Ingredient : Plant extract
NET content : 30ml
Packing: 1*Perfume

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