50ML Men's Perfume Lasts A Long Time Men Cologne Is Fresh Natural and Attractive Parfum For Male

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50ML Men's Perfume Lasts A Long Time Men  Cologne Is Fresh Natural and Attractive Parfum For Male
Product category: perfume
Color: as shown
Applicable skin type: any skin type
Color classification: gentleman perfume, Alice's dream, polar light, marshmallow love, apple land, grapefruit orange light, blessing garland
Bouquet: floral and fruity
Category: perfume, perfume
Applicable population: general
Bouquet: jasmine, lemon, vanilla, sandalwood, grass, pine, rose, musk

Specification: normal specification
Shelf life :5 years
Net content: 50 ml
Fu xiang rate: 12-18%
Perfume ingredients:Diethanolamine,Fragrance,Parabens

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How to use:
1.Perfume will rise from the bottom, perfume is used on the body, fragrance will rise with time temperature from the bottom, so when trying perfume, do not only focus on the upper body. Pay attention to the equilibrium distribution.

2. Use on hot spots for a more fragrant smell. Perfumes are more likely to give off their true scent as their body temperature rises. Because it smells better when it's used on places with high body temperature than when it's used on clothes, and in the season, it smells better in the summer than in the winter.

3. Perfume is used on dynamic parts, so the fragrance is more easily distributed. The scent will spread as the body moves. Therefore, it is ideal for the wrist, elbow, and knee areas where movement is common.

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