12Constellation Male and female student perfume mini pocket lovely perfume 15ml lasting fragranc Unisex Parfume Deodorant Spray

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About perfume 
Aries: Green tea perfume
Long and fresh, just like the feeling of Aries, although not strong, but very comfortable. After a long time, you will be able to appreciate the Aries exquisite and sunshine to bring people the comfort.
Taurus: Black pearl perfume
Gemini (May 22-June 21) Orange perfume
Although some sweet, but will not let a person feel sweet, but surprisingly give a person a sense of happiness. This is Gemini, the sweetest spirit, in their side, you always feel happy and happy.
Very light, but there is a trace of lukewarm coolness. Cancer is such, gherkin perfume in Cancer body is always just right, let people as long as a smell to feel the spirit of a shock.
Leo: Sandalwood perfume
Always can give a person a sense of thick vicissitudes of life, because of the strong Leo and king breath, so sandalwood flavor is the most suitable for Leo perfume oh, solemn and not heavy.
Mix some spices
Virgo will have the time and patience to find the right scent in a lot of mixed perfumes, because Virgo will not be satisfied with the interpretation of a single perfume.
Libra: Green apple perfume
There is a subtle sweetness, but the taste is not obvious, and you have to twitch your nose carefully to get a pleasant taste. Similar to the Libran, it feels familiar and warm.
Scorpio: Rose perfume
In fact, there are few people who really know about roses. These few people are Scorpios. Except Scorpio, we all feel evil and vulgar when others use rose perfume, but Scorpio USES rose perfume to let a person feel just right.
Magnolia perfume has a little bit of the first smell of the rush, but after you will feel that kind of strong aroma actually did not invade


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