Reverse Paris Perfume 90ml Lady's Eau DE Toilette with Persistent, Fresh Floral and Fruity Notes

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About product 
Product category: perfume
Color: pink
Suitable skin type: any
Category: perfume, perfume
Applicable to: ladies
Scent: lemon, vanilla, lily, candy, Chinese fir gardenia, honey, lotus, frankincense, musk, apple, sandalwood, cinnamon, sweet peach, hyacinth, osmanthus, mint, green grass, pine, roses, citrus, jasmine, amber, milk, strawberry, peach, water lily
Specification: normal specification
Net content: 90 ml
Fu xiang rate: 7-12%
PerfumeIngredients: essence, ethanol, water ,beta hydroxy acids,diethanolamine,fragrance


Kollektionen: Seductive Perfumes