Men's Cologne MAN Men's British Men's Perfume Lasting 125ML long lasting

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1. Make you feel more confident once you spray it.
2. Long lasting and effective, show your power and energy.
3. Can be used in office, sports, date and party.
4. Delicate sprayer mouth makes it easy to spray fine mist to cover everywhere of your body.
5. Unscrewed the cap, gently shake the amount of spray in the armpits, chest, ears, neck or wrist and other parts.

Item Type: Men Perfume
Capacity: 125ml
Ingredients:water, alcohol, plant essence,etc.
Top notes: rosemary, lavender, saddle grass, lemon, mint

Middle notes: coriander, carnation, cinnamon, jasmine, absinthe, cypress,

After notes: patchouli, sandalwood, rosin, leather, oakmoss

Package List:
1 * Men Perfume
Product type: Fragrances & Deodorants

Kollektionen: Seductive Perfumes