Men's and Women's Perfume Set Sample Universal Blue Wind Bell Girl Perfume Body Spray

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Men's and Women's Perfume Set Sample Universal Blue Wind Bell Girl Perfume Body Spray

Product categories: perfume

Color: light golden
Suitable skin types: all type of skin
Tone: fruity
Category: perfume, perfume
Import origin (raw materials in ground) : France
Applicable people: general
Aroma: jasmine, osmanthus flowers, sandalwood, amber, rose, musk, bellflower
Specification: small kind
Shelf life: 5 years
Net content: 5 * 9 ml
Fu xiang rate: 18-25%
Perfume ingredients:Diethanolamine,Fragrance,Parabens


Different use means to leave sweet time effect to also be very big.

1. Perfume erupts with mist form when dispersing in air, essence molecule can volatilize, so the essence concentration that real action is in human body can reduce, leave sweet time nature to be able to reduce. So we should try to concentrate the flavor molecules and slow down the volatilization. The following for you to introduce the specific way of use.
Spray perfume on pulse points such as wrists, inside elbows, earlobes, throat, inside knees. These areas have a pulse and a higher temperature relative to the skin, which helps the aroma to evaporate.
2. It's not just your skin that needs to be protected. When the weather is dry, perfume factor is not easy adherent on the skin, before we spray perfume, daub a skin care cream first, use perfume again, also be the good method that helps prolong perfume to stay sweet time, a lot of perfume are to have form a complete set the embellish skin dew with sweet, the effect is better.
3.Pay attention to the storage and carrying environment of the perfume. Perfume needs to avoid direct sunlight, put in shady and cool place is the best choice, and want to reduce perfume shake, go out, had better carry cent pack or small sample, do not carry formal outfit as far as possible.


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