Female Excited Lubricating Oil Shrink Yam Cream Sex Products Virgin Feeling Sex Exciter For Women

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Net content:20ml
Features:Increased excitement,cleans the genitals, reduces yin,simulates lubrication,lubricates comfort
Efficacy:vaginal sterilization,itching,narrow the vagina, prevent bacterial infection, remove vaginal odor

Tighten vagina,regulate sex apathy,improve elasticity of the vagina and enhance sex sensation, make you feel like a girl within 30 second
Stimulate the female hormone and delay aging
Clean the vagina environment, eliminate the toxin from vagina
Regulate the incretion,dissolve the pigmentation color spots on face
This product is suitable for women of all ages, vaginal secretions decrease caused due to vaginal dryness,pain during intercourse, frigidity and postpartum vaginal relaxation, but also as a masturbation sex toys, dry lubrication appliance into the human body.

Packing list:
1*shrink Yam cream

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