Deodorant Women's Private Perfume White-collar Business Office Fragrance Peach Flavor

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1.Cleaning private parts
2.Eliminate odor
3.Prevent inflammation

Description:Improve your glamour while doing health care for you
name: Private care perfume
color: as show picture
Fragrance: Floral
Skin Type: General
Applicable gender: Female
Net content: 5ml
Ingredient: Peach essential oil, rose essential oil, pine essential oil, parabens, flavors, copper stearate, floral extract, etc.

1. Drop 1-2 drops on the sanitary napkin during menstruation
2. Drop 1-2 drops on the underwear after bathing
3. It can be applied to the back of the ear or wrist at the place of the daily perfume.
4. Drop 1 drop on the pillow before going to bed to help sleep

Packing: 1*perfume
Product type: Fragrances & Deodorants



Kollektionen: Seductive Perfumes