75ml women's perfume rose floral lasting fragrance gift box packaging perfume

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Product description:

Category: perfume, balm
Color: Yellow, Pink
Net content: 90ml
Style: Women's perfume
Shelf life: 5 years
Packing: gift box packing 1 * perfume

Using spray perfume gush on left and right sides of the waist, around fingers touch your waist delicious place respectively, and then use fingers touch your inner thighs with perfume, left and right leg knee medial ankle inside brush sweet method at 7 o'clock at the end of this note all light touches in the brush sweet process are not due grind, otherwise the organic composition in flavor produces chemical reaction, may damage the original perfume.


1. There may be slight differences between the color of the image and the actual product.
2. The effect varies from person to person. If you suffer from allergic diseases, please stop using.

Kollektionen: Seductive Perfumes